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[afro-nets] African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights (2)

African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights (2)
Dear Mr. Oberholzer,
Thank you for posting the notice of the conference. It sounds 
absolutely fascinating and very, very needed - a global issue. 
For me to participate I need to be able to tell my sponsors what 
will be the upshot of the conference other than sharing informa-
tion. What are the products that will come out of the sharing 
you describe in the notice. Is there a mechanism in place for 
the conference committee to facilitate not only identification 
of issues, strategies, possible solutions and actions, but the 
synthesis of these so that participants can take away an under-
standing of "next steps" if you will, and the capability to 
monitor and evaluate progress before the next conference on SHR?
Many thanks in advance for your advice. 
Holley Stewart
Reproductive Health Advisor, MSc. DLSHTM 
Support for Analysis and Research in Africa Project (SARA)
Population Reference Bureau
1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20009, USA
Tel: +1-202-884-8776
Fax: +1-202-884-8400

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