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[afro-nets] New Book: Twilight In the Morning

New Book: Twilight in the Morning
by Theresa Lungu

Dear Fellow World Citizens,

I finished reading this book which was published a day or so be-
fore December 25. When I heard the book had been published I im-
mediately purchased a copy. The story is based on the Rwanda
genocide, yet in the midst of all the tragedy there is hope,
love, health problems, psychological/psychiatric problems,
laughter, refugee camps.... In short it's a classic book written
by an African, Zambian young woman writer who will twist your
mind, your thinking in crescendos of tears of frustration, joy
and hope. I urge you to buy, read and discuss the issues such as
effects of improper grieving of health care workers on the front-
line during civil wars. Or, should we grieve at all?

I purchased my copy from . The book is
also available through Barnes & Noble and

I came to know the author through both our separate efforts to
reach out to Africa and make a difference in our own small ways
using our personal funds. Feel free to share the news of the
book with your group.

Thank you.

Priscah Mujuru BSC. BSN. MPH COHN-S
Research Assistant Professor
West Virginia University
Community Medicine
Morgantown WV 26506-9190, USA
Tel: +1-304-293-1447
Fax: +1-304-293-2629

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