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[afro-nets] Towards a global health workforce strategy

Towards a global health workforce strategy

From: "Mrs. Ana Lucia Ruggiero" <ruglucia@PAHO.ORG>

A new book on human resources for health issues was launched in

Towards a global health workforce strategy

by Ferrinho, P, Lisbon University, Dal Poz M. World Health Or-
ganization & Rio de Janeiro University (eds.)

Antwerpen: ITGPress, 2003: 488 pp. [ISBN 90-76070-26-1]

A free downloadable full-text copy [PDF file] is available at:

"The papers presented in the book cover the main dimensions of
HRD in health: planning and managing the workforce, education
and training, incentives and working conditions, managing the
performance of personnel and policies needed to ensure that in-
vestments in human resources produce the benefits to which the
investing populations are entitled.

Authors write from diverse professional, regional and cultural
perspectives, and yet there is a high degree of consistency in
their diagnosis of problems and proposals for strategies to ad-
dress them. They all agree on the multidimensionality of prob-
lems and on the need for solutions that take into account all
dimensions. They also agree that if problems tend to be similar
in nature, they take forms that are time and context-determined.

This set of papers raised questions and give insights into
strategies that are relevant to developed and developing coun-

Orvill Adams (World Health Organization) and Gilles Dussault
(World Bank Institute)

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