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[afro-nets] Kenya HIV Prevalence Survey

Kenya HIV Prevalence Survey

Government Survey: Kenya HIV Prevalence Rate Lower than Previ-
ously Estimated

Associated Press (01.08.04)
Tom Maliti

Preliminary findings from a government survey released today
show that Kenya may have a lower HIV prevalence rate than previ-
ously thought - 6.7 percent compared to a 2003 Health Ministry
estimate of 9.4 percent. The survey, the Kenya Demographic and
Health Survey, is done every five years and is used to plan gov-
ernment health and social policies. The report is based on in-
terviews done between April and mid-September 2003 with 8,561
households in Kenya's eight provinces.

To assess HIV prevalence, male and female members of half the
study households were asked whether they were willing to be
tested for HIV, and 70 percent agreed. The preliminary results
show that 9 percent of the women tested HIV-positive compared to
5 percent of the men. Two percent of the 15- to 19-year-old
group were HIV-positive compared to 10 percent of the 35- to 39-
year- old group and 5 percent of the 45- to 49-year-old group.

"The number of HIV infected people in Kenya... is lower than
previously estimated," said Dr. Kevin DeCock, local director of
the US CDC. "This is based on... better, more accurate measure-
ments." This latest survey marks the first time HIV prevalence
statistics have been collected from the general population in

In Mali and Zambia, government demographic and health surveys
also include HIV prevalence rates. In Africa, HIV prevalence
statistics are normally based on data from clinics where preg-
nant women are anonymously tested. Detailed analysis of Kenya's
HIV prevalence rate will be included in the final demographic
and health survey, which is scheduled for release in May.

To download the "Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2003 - Pre-
liminary Report" as Adobe PDF file (43 pp. 195 kB) go to:

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Director of Information Services
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