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AFRO-NETS> Children's support group (7)

Children's support group (7)
Karen Landmann <> has made her document "I am a 
Person who Matters - A Support Group for Children Whose Parents 
have HIV or AIDS" available to AFRO-NETS readers for downloading 
in MS WORD format (75 pages, 113 kB) from the AFRO-NETS server 
>From the introduction:
"The children?s support group is designed to help children cope 
with the emotional issues involved when a parent has HIV or AIDS. 
The aim is to assist children first in coping, second in protect-
ing themselves and others from becoming positive, and third, to 
bringing their insight to advocacy work to fight for social 
change. Through their participation in the group, children obtain 
a forum in which to articulate their experiences, to reduce iso-
lation through participation, to enhance self-esteem, and to 
identify options. 
The curriculum is a series of independent units that work to-
gether as a whole. If a child can only attend one session or at-
tends intermittently, there is still much benefit to be gained. 
The design is for children aged 7-10; however, many units can be 
adapted for children of varying ages. In addition, some units are 
only suitable for adolescents. The sessions are 90 minutes in 
length, but this may also be varied according to need by shorten-
ing some segments. The format is very flexible in order to meet 
the needs of families with multiple problems, including parental 
illness. While the group is based on an American setting, it can 
be easily replicated for use worldwide. Suggestions for such cul-
tural adaptation are included in certain units. In addition, 
while materials are suggested for each unit, the curriculum can 
be implemented with very few resources, making it ideal for use 
in rural areas or developing countries. The curriculum can also 
be easily adapted for use with other populations at risk..."

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