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Introducing The Supply Initiative
The Supply Initiative ( is a new ini-
tiative, whose aim is to ensure that every man and woman, regard-
less of age, can exercise his/her right to choose, obtain, and 
use quality affordable reproductive health supplies. The goal is 
to strengthen and maximize the availability and efficient use of 
human, institutional and financial resources for reproductive 
health supplies.
To ensure that this mission is met, the initiative needs input 
from countries/regions experiencing a need for or shortage of re-
productive health supplies.
Here is one story, which has been shared with us:
"I am the president of the Society for Women Against AIDS (SWAA) 
in Mauritania, which was founded in 1992. This organization has a 
large problem concerning the shortage of contraceptives, espe-
cially of condoms. We are tremendously lacking contraceptives and 
we have been in direct contact with many communities regarding 
this problem. The young people visit us daily asking for condoms. 
The endowment we receive from the national program in the fight 
against AIDS is 20 packages each containing 100 condoms.
"I should be very obliged to you for any information on organiza-
tions, which donate condoms. As you know, Mauritania is a sub-
Saharan country and we urgently seek help in the fight against 
HIV/AIDS and family planning assistance".
We would appreciate it if you would share your stories regarding 
RH supplies or shortages.
Meghan Cloud

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