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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, September 2, 2003

Supercourse Newsletter, September 2, 2003
Supercourse/Telepreventive Medicine Newsletter
Dear friends,
We all are beginning a new term here in Pittsburgh. We are receiving 
a large number of reports world-wide of people using the Supercourse, 
which is wonderful. We wanted to update you for our plans.
Hippocrates Birthday, Sept. 19
We very much appreciate if you could push to have as many people as 
possible to see the Golden Lecture ( It 
has been very successful so far, and has been translated into Span-
ish, Russian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Croa-
tian. It has been used to teach educators in over 140 countries which 
is 73% of the world. Akira Sekikawa from our group has found fasci-
nating ways to each people. This lecture has been seen in more coun-
tries than any other lecture, and likely been translated into more 
languages than any other lecture. Perhaps only the television show 
?Dallas? has been seen more than this.
Remember, Hippocrates Birthday celebration is on Sept. 19, please see 
if you can distribute the URL, or the lecture itself throughout your 
university and throughout your country. Eugene has set up the system 
so you can readily download the lecture.
Quality Control:
As you know we are developing a system of statistical quality control 
for the Supercourse that was developed by Jane Harvill, Deb Aaron, 
Fan Zhou and Akira Sekikawa. We have well over 1,000 reviews, Tomoko 
will be putting these into a data base, and we will be analyzing the 
ratings and submitting it for publication. If you would like to join, 
it would be great.
Searching the Web for lectures
Seok-Won Park who just arrived will be working with Wendy to build a 
system to search the web for other lectures. We have been discussing 
this and think that it would be important to develop something like 
e-bay or, where you can identify lectures from our site, 
but also to rate and comment on the lectures. We will have fun trying 
to set up the system.
CDs: Typically at this time of year we are pushing to obtain more and 
more lectures for the CD. A CD can hold about 1,200 lectures, we have 
1,400. We will not be able to send CDs to everyone as we now have 
10,300 faculty. We are figuring out the best means to distribute the 
Epidemiology of Ignorance:
Denise?s concept of the Epidemiology of Ignorance is very power, for 
the Grand Challenge, and for everything we are doing. Telepreventive 
medicine can fight the epidemic of ignorance.
We have received quite a few applications for the position as the Di-
rector of the International Health Program here in Pittsburgh. If you 
plan to apply, please apply soon.
Best Regards from the Monsoon Season in Pittsburgh
Ron, Mita, Eugene, Akira, Faina, Tomoko, Soni, Soek-Won, Deb, Abed, 
Raina, Tom, Wendy

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