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AFRO-NETS> Architecture for Humanity featured in today's New York Times (2)

Architecture for Humanity featured in today's New York Times (2)
Dear Cameron and All,
Hello and huge congratulations to you, Cameron, as I have no doubt 
this is just the kind of publicity needed to help attract donors and 
others to your work. I am hoping that some of the ICASA participants 
will view the clinic at Kibera, and I have copied to some in hopes 
that they will (one a friend at Physicians for Human Rights). Also, 
some of our friends and colleagues in Kenya generally. 
A few weeks ago, you indicated that letters, e-mails, or any type of 
supporting document which might indicate the need for such clinics 
should be written and sent to you, so I thought I would urge folks to 
do that now again (and will put my money where my mouth is in a week 
or so, at least in terms of writing, haha!), and send to Cameron at 
the address below.
I am also wondering, as we discussed a possible sports connection a 
few weeks ago, if the National Soccer Association here could be ap-
proached (they have already expressed interest in supporting teams in 
Kenya, and perhaps they would be willing to consider some tie-in, as 
well as soccer teams elsewhere, and is there an international soccer 
federation (I say, betraying my baseball roots) which could be ap-
proached? Then the NY Times writer you mentioned would have a field 
day (pun intended, haha!) covering all of these various events, and 
the HIV/AIDS education and prevention messages would spread far and 
wide (not just by reporting, but by teams of all varieties, from the 
professional sports teams to the youth leagues at the grassroots, and 
a pitch at every clinic), along with better healthcare due to the 
abundance of mobile clinics being replicated worldwide!  I can speak 
with (and will cc here too) the ARYI (African Regional Youth Initia-
tive) co-founder and a friend, Neema Mgana, who first contacted the 
NSA for donations to a CBO in Kenya, and perhaps there might be fur-
ther discussions of this idea, at least.
Organizations like the Izumi Foundation and Africare might be inter-
ested in such an idea, and how about the Elton John AIDS Foundation, 
or AMREF? And European foundations might be more receptive, as they 
seem to be with "innovative" ideas, so I can give you some ideas on 
that as well if interested. Also, there are competitions which are 
mainly ICT-related (and I just thought of this because of the word 
"mobile"...I assume you will have some ICT components to this 
clinic?), and a couple which are oriented towards sustainable devel-
opment (these upcoming this fall/winter, or next spring, like the 
Digital Partners/SEL competition), so that might be a possibility, 
and even a place like MIT (by which I mean a university which prides 
itself on innovation and invention) might be interested. It's terri-
fic that the government of Kenya has taken such interest, as govern-
ment involvement might help in this regard (especially from institu-
tions which lend to governments, not organizations). I am also ccing 
to friend in the real-estate field about this, as he has some money-
making ideas connected to helping HIV/AIDS orphans which might be ap-
plied to this concept as well.
I'll be happy to discuss this further with you, and also there are a 
couple of organisations in SA I know who I am sure would be thrilled 
and honoured to be in on the discussions about a clinic, as well as 
in Kenya and elsewhere too, of course.
With greatest thanks for this invaluable vision and offer, Cameron, 
and a big congrats for this timely and well-deserved notice!!  

Your cheering section, 
Janet Feldman (and the "Millions for Mobiles")

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