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AFRO-NETS> Comments to AFRO-NETS messages (2)

Comments to AFRO-NETS messages (2)
Dear Maija and All,
Hello and great to see this posting! And what a fantastic idea, which 
I do believe has been tried in Kenya in terms of condom messages (I 
think there was a Plus News posting on this subject a couple years 
ago, and will re-post if I can find it). I also know that there is a 
rich decorating tradition from Haiti to Pakistan to Kenya and now 
Mali of various types of transport vehicles -- usually buses, trucks, 
and taxis -- though don't know how much of that has a health-related 
message (except this example in Kenya and Mali). But it is certainly 
something worth exploring and pursuing, and I will forward this also 
to a couple other arts-related listservs -- ActALIVE and Art4Develop-
ment (the former being one I have created for artists and advocates 
who utilize the arts to address HIV/AIDS, and the latter focusing on 
arts as a vehicle for social change) -- as there might be some artis-
tic spark ignited there as well for this excellent suggestion.
With many thanks and here's hoping that we can all "keep on truckin'" 
while "car-rying" these creative messages to any venue where they 
will be seen and be helpful. 
All best wishes, 
Janet Feldman
Director/Founder, KAIPPG/International and ActALIVE Arts Coalition

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