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AFRO-NETS> Awaken policy makers (2)

Awaken policy makers (2)
Dear Abebe Gobeze
I agree. It is time to "awaken policy makers" so that the talk is 
turned into action. In almost every area of "development" there is a 
lot more talk than action, and this will continue until the process 
is improved. 
You ask "What are the root problems and applicable solutions?" and to 
this I would reply that the development process is a significant part 
of the root problem. The process is "front loaded" with a large 
amount of money spent on planning and studying and discussing and 
meeting and project preparation and revision and getting approved and 
getting funded. The funding to actually deliver benefit to benefici-
aries is far smaller than one might expect from the amount of pre-
paratory activity that gets paid for. And then there is almost no 
money spent on accounting and accountability so that development per-
formance gets to be measured and put into public view.
Instead of the existing process that I regard as a dismal failure, I 
would recommend a process where modest funds are flowed with a simple 
oversight process to groups that are doing good work with minimal 
funds, and the success of incremental funds is accounted for, and to 
the extent it is worth while, the funding is continued. The organiza-
tion, the fund flows, the performance should all be on the record and 
universally accessible (with some privacy safeguards) to stakeholders 
in development. 
This is a process that is built on a foundation of accounting and ac-
countability, rather than a process that talks about adding account-
ing and accountability and monitoring and evaluation to the existing 
process of fund allocation and use. 
This is a process that will highlight diversion of funds from an in-
tended valuable use to use that is a waste of resources, and the sad 
situation where donors talk about funds and in the end never deliver 
them (for a variety of technical reasons that never got talked about 
in the initial announcement). 
It would be nice to see resources allocated to important local pri-
orities. But it is not the policy makers alone that must wake 
up...... we all need to wake up and understand that development re-
sources are not only badly allocated and badly used but also are in 
terribly short supply. 
And frankly, until there is decent accounting and accountability for 
the use of development resources, it is not at all surprising that 
there is a funding shortage. And it is likely to get far worse unless 
there is a rapid improvement in the accounting and accountability di-
mension of development, and a greater understanding of the enormous 
problem of economic value destruction in development.
Taking care of children is a "no-brainer" in terms of economic value 
adding, especially if they can get educated and get productive jobs.
Peter Burgess 
ATCnet in New York
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Fax: +1-707-371-7805
AFRO-NETS> Awaken policy makers 
Date: 8/4/2003 8:03:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: Abebe Gobeze <> 
Awaken policy makers
A lot has been said and yet child health issues are not addressed in 
developing countries. What are the root problems and applicable solu-
Thank you,
Abebe Gobeze

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