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AFRO-NETS> Cameroon: Nurse faces firing squad

Cameroon: Nurse faces firing squad
A nurse in Cameroon has been sentenced to death by a firing squad for 
deliberately injecting two of her lover's children with HIV and Hepa-
titis B contaminated blood.
There is no fury as that of a woman scorned. Reckless endangerment or 
whatever the action of the nurse may be called in law is not a new 
human action especially when carried out of vengeance on a lover. But 
this action raises critical issues for policy consideration as fol-
* Should HIV positive blood be considered a control 'substance'? 
* Should access to HIV-positive blood in health care facilities and
  the society at large be controlled as is done for narcotics? 
* Would national legislation be necessary to control access to HIV-
  positive blood so that it is not readily accessible for use as a
  weapon of endangerment to public health? 
* Does organisations like the World Health Organisation have a role
  to play in world-wide advocacy for regulating access to HIV-
  positive blood?
Comments welcome.
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A. Odutola 
Centre for Health Policy & Strategic Studies (CHPSS) 
Lagos, Nigeria

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