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New Pan Africa Health & Development Newsletter - Your opinion please
Dear All,
First and foremost, please accept sincere apologies for the length of 
this mail.
Datelinehealth-Africa is initiating a Pan-Africa E-Health and Devel-
opment Newsletter to serve as a trust-worthy medium for interested 
but otherwise busy people to use for scanning health and development 
issues in Africa.
The coverage of the newsletter is broad and includes health and de-
velopment information, evidence for best practices as well as diverse 
research reports for general consumers, specialists, professionals 
and health industry operators. Despite its broad coverage, the oppor-
tunity to choose format of presentation facilitates focus to suit 
every requirement.
In order to moderate its size, open source links are used to provide 
access to full text resources from the Datelinehealth-Africa and many 
other websites. In addition, links are used to direct access for 
searching a growing database for jobs, fellowships, grants, work-
shops, training and exhibition resources in Africa. Link is also pro-
vided to a comprehensive and growing directory of Afro-Health re-
sources on the Internet.
The newsletter is available in different formats as follows: a) Re-
gional format (e.g., East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, etc.) 
b) Country format (e.g. Angola, Burundi, Chad to Zimbabwe) c) Themes 
or subject matter format (e.g., Advocacy, Child Health, Economic is-
sues to Youth and Zoonoses). 
An example of a Country format presentation is offered below. 
All willing subscribers would receive the newsletter on a 30 days 
free trial basis. Subsequently it would be distributed free of cost 
only to valued and supportive members of Datelinehealth-Africa.
To receive a 30-days free trial in any format of your choice, please 
click here:
Your opinion and wise counsel is most valued. Please feel free to 
comment on the Country format shown below. Email your responses to: 
A, Odutola
CHPSS, Lagos, Nigeria
Datelinehealth-Africa E-Health & Development Newsletter 
Country format: Nigeria (No. 1; August 4 - 11, 2003)
A. Editorial:
Humanitarian ethics in disaster and war August 5, 2003
B. General health and development news:
1. Govt. to prosecute child traffickers. August 11, 2003
2. Lambo urges mental examination for office seekers
August 10, 2003
3. We?ll sack careless medical staff, says Egwu August 8, 2003
4. New helmsman appointed for anti-human trafficking August 8, 2003
5. Govt moves to ensure local production of anti-retroviral drugs August 7, 
6. Health workers strike: Senate appeals for restraint August 7, 2003
7. Britain spends N500m on scholarship in Nigeria, says official August 7, 2003
8. Company sues NAFDAC for breaking its monopoly August 7, 2003
9. NAFDAC okays new device to manage diabetes August 7, 2003
10. Maternal mortality claims 60,000 Nigerian women August 6, 2003
11. 'Reproductive health, key to sustainable development' August 6, 2003
12. NAFDAC probes death of babies at UNTH August 6, 2003
13. Dentist examines malocclusion among the handicapped August 6, 2003
14. Lagos Siamese twins apply for US visas August 6, 2003
15. Obasanjo launches new HIV/AIDS policy August 5, 2003
16. NBA seek law for Nigerians to carry protective arms August 5, 2003
17. 200,000 TB patient cured through DOTS August 5, 2003
18. Stigma impairs access to Nigeria?s PMTCT programme August 5, 2003
19. AIDS: Obasanjo seeks cooperation of civil servants August 5, 2003
20. AIDS spreads in Nigeria under cloak of denial August 4, 2003
21. Malnutrition causes 60% death among children ­ minister August 4, 2003
For more Nigeria health and development news, click on:
C: Health Industry news:
1. Neimeth pharmaceuticals? profit doubles in 2003 August 5, 2003
2. Dihydroartemisinin: court restrains Greenlife, others August 5, 2003
3. GSK tackles asthma in workplace August 5, 2003
For more Health Industry news, click on:
D. Professional Health News 
1. Pharmacists want herbal products? adverts banned in Kaduna August 7, 2003
2. Fat accumulation at the front of the neck - another aspect of lipodystrophy 
in HIV 
patients August 5, 2003 (International):
3. Study shows poor reliability of prostate cancer test August 1, 2003
For more Professional Medical News, click on:
E. Research Reports
1. Waist­hip ratio and breast cancer risk in urbanized Nigerian women August 8, 
2. Concentrations of chloroquine and malaria parasites in blood in Nigerian 
August 8 , 2003
3. Phase angle correlates with n-3 fatty acids and cholesterol in red cells of 
rian children with sickle cell disease August 8 , 2003
4. Antibiotic-resistant cell-detaching Escherichia coli strains from Nigerian 
August 8 , 2003
5. Characterization of Escherichia coli strains from cases of childhood 
diarrhea in 
provincial Southwestern Nigeria August 8, 2003
For more Research Report, click on:
F. Careers
1. Looking for Jobs, Grants, Fellowships, Training, Workshop and Conferences? 
your search from here:
2. Have information to post on Jobs, Grants, Fellowships, Training, Workshops 
and Con-
ferences? Click here:
(P.S.: This is paid-member service. Registration and subscription is required 
service may be used.)
G. Links
1. Looking for an Afro-Health website resource? Start your search from here:
H. Support
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a free 
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Information accessed through links contained in this newsletter does not 
state or reflect the views of Datelinehealth-Africa Inc
Copyright: 2003. Datelinehealth-Africa inc.

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