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HIV/AIDS and Sex Education Youth-friendly Web sites
Source: SEA-AIDS <>
The internet has a wealth of resources on HIV/AIDS, of which only a 
small portion is youth-friendly. The following is a resource list of 
web sites that were created for young people and which has AIDS-
related content.
AIDS Sex and Teens from
This website provides teens with basic information on HIV/AIDS, in-
cluding transmission, statistics, and history.
Dr. Drew.Com
An interactive site that encompasses all aspects of teen life, with a 
specific focus on sex, dating and physical health and well-being.
Go Ask Alice
A question and answer website run by Columbia University's Health and 
Education Program.
It's Your (Sex) Life
A site that answers questions about contraception, STDs, and how 
teens can negotiate their sexual lives. This site is sponsored by the 
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.
I Wanna Know
This is a teen-oriented site that includes questions and answers on 
teen sexuality and STDs, along with brochures, "STD 101," and other 
helpful info.
An online magazine for teens that has frank and open discussions 
about sex.
Sex Etc.
This website is produced by teens for teens. SEX, etc. talks about 
love, sex, abstinence, contraception, AIDS, STDs, drugs and drinking, 
violence and health topics, just to name a few.
Staying Alive
A website created for young people. It is a partnership between MTV, 
Youth Net (spearheaded by Family Health International) and the Kaiser 
Family Foundation. Additional partners include USAID, UNAIDS and The 
World Bank. Their mission is to "inform young people about the virus, 
promote safe lifestyle choices, provide information about local or-
ganizations and mobilize youth to overcome the stigma and discrimina-
tion surrounding HIV/AIDS and to fight for an end to the spread of 
Teen Advice Online
By Teens For Teens, " this is a site that deals with a wide array of 
questions about sexual health issues in today's world. Teens contrib-
ute stories about their own experiences.
This section of the Teen AIDS web site is devoted to teens and in-
cludes a teen advice column.
An online magazine by Planned Parenthood that provides sexual health 
and relationship information for teens.
The AIDS Handbook
This handbook was written by middle school kids for middle school 
kids and contains information on AIDS prevention, transmission, symp-
toms and treatment. Also contains links to other web-based resources.
The Stop AIDS Now Peer Education Center
This site contains facts about HIV and online access to peer educa-
Youth HIV
A website that is created by and for HIV positive youth and peer edu-
cators. It is a project created by Advocates for Youth and offers 
sexual and mental health information, community support, opportuni-
ties for advocacy, resources and referrals, and online peer educa-
Zap Health
This site provides a site for and by youth with referrals, chat 
lines, a "savvy street reporter" and articles on a wide range of 
health issues, including HIV/AIDS and STDs.
Forwarded to SEA-AIDS by Jan Wijngaarden at UNESCO Asia-Pacific Re-
gional Bureau for Education Bangkok, Thailand July 29th, 2003. Thank 
you to Sanam Kittikulsingh for researching.
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