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AFRO-NETS> Condom breakage & failure (6)

Condom breakage & failure (6)


Just one small correction to your article below: NO Cardinal of 
Uganda has ever been appointed to head the Uganda AIDS Commission 
(UAC). The first Chairman of the UAC was a retired Anglican Bishop 
(Bishop Kawuma) who died and was replaced by another retired Bishop 
but this time Catholic who is the current Chairman, Bishop Haremi-

Although condoms have been widely promoted and used in Uganda (if you 
look at the figures of imported condoms which stand at 65 - 80 mil-
lion condoms! per year for an adult population of just over 10 mil-
lion people. This year I understand over 150 million condoms will be 
imported for use in the country. I am not aware of the Cardinal com-
ing out to support the use of condoms.

Joseph Serutoke

At 01:42 17/07/2002 -0400, you wrote:

> ....
> We were made to understand that, the Vatican does not allow the use
> of condoms! To take on the problem head on, the president appointed
> the head of the Catholic Church - the Cardinal, as the chairman of
> the AIDS commission. The cardinal eventually bent the rule of con-
> doms! He advised his flock to first and foremost abstain from sex
> (unmarried ones) or stick to monogamous and chaste lives (married
> couples)...

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