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AFRO-NETS> Request for Information: HIV positiv Women in Africa

RFI: HIV positiv Women in Africa

Dear all,

I am trying to create a project on the conditions of the African 
mothers who are HIV/AIDS positive, perhaps who have lost their part-
ner to this illness, and how they cope in these circumstances. 

Which provisions are they making for their children, how do they earn 
a living, which medical support do they have available, their life 
expectancy (does it change depending from the country where they 
live / the medical attentions they are allowed to receive), who will 
look after their children once they are gone, how do the rest of the 
family members cope with this illness / stigma? Are there prejudices 
towards these mothers and their families? What is their society doing 
about it..? etc.

Thank you for all your help!!

Anna Florio

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