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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, July 19, 2002

Supercourse Newsletter, July 19, 2002

Dear Friends,

Report of using the Supercourse from Nepal: 

"I am familiar with Supercourse, and regularly receiving Bulletin 
last two years. I received your CD with instructions to use. I did my 
Graduation from Moscow in General Medicine and three years post 
graduate course in Community Medicine from All India Institute of 
Medical Sciences, New Delhi and joined back my native country Nepal 
to work in a Health Sciences University in eastern part of country. 
Working as faculty of Community Health Sciences. I can admit without 
hesitation that it was one of the constant source to update me for 
teaching many topics of Epidemilology. Recent powerpoint slides about 
terrorism was relevant material in Institutional CME "Social Con-
flict, Public Health and common people". I put the topic Terriorism. 
Post graduates and undergraduates and some of my Faculty colleagues 
approached me and asked nice work and informative, credit goes to Su-

Dr Paras K Pokahrel, Associate Professor, Department of Community 
Medicine, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal. 
Web page:

Library at Alexandria and the Supercourse:

In 400 BC the first library of Alexandria was established. This Li-
brary was designed to identify and house the world's literature, and 
be a global center for science and scholarship. It achieved this ad-
mirably by accumulating 700,000 or the world's papyrus scrolls. This 
represented a very large percentage of the world's written literature 
at the time. The library was a glorious place, having many of the 
leading scholars of the time as Alexandria was in many ways the cen-
ters of the civilized world. The Library of Alexandria is thought by 
many to be the birthplace of the University systems of the world. We 
all owe this early library a debt of gratitude.

The Library served until 500 AD, at which time a series of fires 
wiped out the library and the collections of scrolls. There has never 
been a place like this before, and never will be a place that "cor-
nered the market" on wisdom as the early library has done.
It is exciting that a second, modern library has been built. It is a 
remarkable, elegant building, in harmony with wisdom and the Mediter-
ranean. The library is shaped like an Egyptian sun over looking the 
azure blue Sea. There is a planetarium situated 100 Meters from the 
library "sun", and appears to revolve around the Sun. There is a pas-
sage way from the past, that leads to the future. The inside of the 
library is fantastic, with natural light filtered down 6 stories. In 
addition, on the outside of the building is "graffiti" in the differ-
ent languages of the world, including brail. It is one of the most 
beautiful buildings created to wisdom, Intellect and science.

Library at Alexandria and the Supercourse

On October 16, 2002 it will formally open with dignitaries from 
across the world. We have approached several people associated with 
the library, suggesting that they start to build a Scientific Super-
course, based upon our model, but instead of focusing on just preven-
tion as we have, the course will focus on all aspects of Science. 
Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet kindly introduced us to Bill 
Gates. John Patrick, former vice president of IBM, also was inter-
ested, and got us in contact with the head of the program of the 
digital library at IBM. We just received a very nice letter from the 
president of the Library of Alexandria, indicating his interest. If 
you would like to join in the development of the Library of Alexan-
dria Scientific Supercourse, please contract Ron <>

Best regards from Pittsburgh.
Thank you,

Ron, Akira, Faina, Eugene, Mita, Eun, Abed, Rania, Soni, Tom, Deb, 

Ronald E. Laporte, Ph.D.
Director, Disease Montoring and Telecommunications
WHO Collaborating Center
Professor of Epidemiology
3512 Fifth Ave. Rm 310
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15261, USA
Tel: +1-412-383-2746
Fax: +1-412-383-1026
Mobile: +1-412-400-3751

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