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AFRO-NETS> Book Review: AIDS in Africa - Continent in Crisis

Book Review: AIDS in Africa - Continent in Crisis
by Helen Jackson

No terrorist attack, no war, has ever threatened the lives of more 
than 40 million people worldwide. AIDS does.

African countries, and particularly those in Southern Africa, cur-
rently bear the heaviest burden of the AIDS epidemic - its effects 
permeate societies and include children, women, men, rich and poor 
alike. This book is one of the few on AIDS written from within Af-
rica. Helen Jack-son is the author of two previous versions of the 
highly acclaimed and popular resource book "AIDS Action Now", which 
has now been extensively expanded and improved into the current book 
AIDS Africa.

This book documents the facts, the stories, the data - and explores 
the driving force behind the epidemic, the impact of HIV/AIDS at dif-
ferent levels, and policies and programmes to make a difference. The 
author provides a comprehensive overview of prevention, care and im-
pact miti-gation, providing up-dated information and raising chal-
lenging issues for policy makers, planners, programme managers and 
professionals in health and human development.

The chapters include: 
* The AIDS pandemic; 
* HIV infection and AIDS; 
* Medical care and treatment; 
* HIV spread and prevention: sex; Parent-to-child HIV transmission; 
* Blood transmission; 
* Testing and counselling; 
* Self-help and the community; 
* Children in peril; 
* Sectoral impacts and responses; and 
* Policy and human rights. 

The book also contains detailed appendices that will assist the 
reader in accessing organizations working in the field and resources 
on HIV/AIDS, and a detailed index.

The cost is US$ 20 Africa, US$ 40 elsewhere and Zim$ 500 in Zimbabwe. 
However organisations in developing countries that cannot pay may re-
quest subsidised or complimentary copies.

The book may be ordered from:

Southern Africa AIDS Information Dissemination Service
17 Beveridge Road
PO Box A509 Avondale
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-336-193/4, 307-898
Fax: +263-4-336-195

Nigel Hall

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