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Reproductive Health Gateway

Reproductive Health Gateway ( is an informa-
tion portal for reproductive health professionals that spiders & in-
dexes over 65 international web sites with content on reproductive 
health - providing quick access to over 65,000 html pages, PDF docu-
ments and other files in English, French, Spanish and other lan-

If you don't find what you need on RHGateway, a feature allows you to 
repeat your search with a single click in databases which are not 
spidered by RHGateway like PubMed, POPLINE, the Combined Health In-
formation Database and the Development Experience Clearinghouse.

RHGateway also includes a calendar of events, links to glossaries, 
directories, photo resources, publications etc. - all related to re-
productive health.

To keep up with what's new in reproductive health, subscribe to 
RHGNews, a monthly e-mail announcement of new features and resources 
added to Reproductive Health Gateway. 

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New sites recently added include:
 - Advance Africa: 
 - ICRW: 
 - John Snow International UK: 
 - PAHO: 
 - Partners in Population and Development: 
 - Development Gateway: 


International Family Planning Perspectives Vol. 28 #2 - June 2002 

Should family planning and STI prevention and treatment services be 
integrated? International Experts Debate the Pros and Cons. 

Understanding the Relationships Between Reproductive Health and Gen-
der Equitable Development 

This new on-line discussion provides an opportunity to explore with 
others the specific, concrete ways that reproductive health and 
women's economic status are interrelated, and how they are affected 
by gender roles and expectations. 

Selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use 

New online. Full text available. 

Contraceptive Sterilization: Global Issues and Trend 

Voluntary sterilization remains the most prevalent form of contracep-
tion worldwide, according to this new book from EngenderHealth. Well 
over 20 percent of couples in 22 countries now use sterilization to 
preclude future childbearing. In thirteen of these countries, ster-
ilization prevalence ranges from one third to almost one half of all 
couples in their reproductive years. 

Synergy Project HIV/AIDS E-Newsletter

This E-Newsletter provides regular updates on USAID cooperating 
agency activities, USAID Office of HIV-AIDS initiatives, and global 
donor/ government/private sector initiatives to prevent and mitigate 
HIV/AIDS. Or send an e-mail to . 

Abortion Policies: A Global Review 

The study is an updated, country-by-country examination of national 
policies concerning induced abortion and the context within which 
abortion takes place. Comparable information is presented for all 
Member and non-member States of the United Nations. 

New Manual from WHO 

Transforming Health Systems: Gender and Rights in Reproductive 
Health, designed to be run as a stand-alone, two or three week 
course, contains six teaching modules: three foundation modules on 
gender, the social determinants of health, and rights, and three ap-
plication modules on available evidence, on policy, and on the health 
systems. Case studies and practical material deal with reproductive 
health issues, covering a broad spectrum from sexual début and mater-
nal mortality to HIV/AIDS and sexual violence. The 492-page training 
curriculum is also available in a CD-ROM version and will be trans-
lated into Mandarin and Spanish. 

Standard Days Method Proven 95% Effective in Clinical Trial 

The Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, an-
nounces the publication of results of the efficacy trial for the 
Standard Days Method of family planning in the May issue of Contra-
ception. The Standard Days Method is over 95% effective when used 

On-line discussion - "Information and communication technologies 
(ICT) and their impact on and use as an instrument for the advance-
ment and empowerment of women" 

You are invited to participate in this on-line discussion which will 
run from 17 June to 19 July 2002. Visit the website to register. 

Programme Brief on Gender and HIV/AIDS, 2002 

This short programme brief explores some of the major implications 
specific to HIV/AIDS. It also reviews those actions with the greatest 
relation to UNFPA's support to country responses to the epidemic. 

Gender and Relationships: A Pactical Action Kit for Young People 

This kit is designed to help young people facilitating youth pro-
grammes and adults working with young people to integrate gender is-
sues into sexual and reproductive health programmes. 

June issue of Adapting to Change Learning Program Electronic Newslet-
ter online

Includes up-to-date information about the Adapting to Change Program 
and its training activities worldwide. 

Internet for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Visiting 

This free online tutorial provides information skills for nurses, 
midwives, and health visitors, allowing them to make practical use of 
the Internet in their work. 

Reproductive Freedom News - June issue 

Includes articles on Pakistan's rape laws and other reproductive 
health news. 

JHPIEGO TrainerNews(r), Volume V, Issue 4 (Part I) 

Contains articles on transfer of learning and alternative learning 

PAI Debuts New Interactive Database on Natural Resources and Popula-

PAI invites you to explore this new database, which includes a click-
able map to retrieve data by country, and also allows you to search 
by specific natural resource indicators, including population, arable 
land, renewable fresh water, carbon dioxide emissions, and forest 

Global Contraceptive Use 

About two thirds of all couples around the world - or some 650 mil-
lion people - use some form of contraception, according to these new 
statistics released by the United Nations. 

Lessons learned of the EC/UNFPA Initiative for Reproductive Health in 
Asia (RHI) 

This publication summarizes a selection of best practices, success 
stories and experiences, resulting from over three years of implemen-
tation of the "Asia Initiative". Altogether 19 lessons learned, with 
respect to "Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health"; "Quality of 
Care" and "Community Based Services" are documented. 

Freedom to Love Safely: The IPPF Photographic Competition 2002 

IPPF is looking for photographs with a contemporary interpretation of 
sexual and reproductive health and rights issues, and the reality of 
cultural, social, economical and religious constraints within which 
many of the world's poorest still live.

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