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Training Curriculum on Gender and Rights in Reproductive Health

The World Health Organization has just produced a training curriculum 
"Transforming Health Systems: Gender and Rights in Reproductive 
Health". It is a training resource for health trainers to use with 
health managers, planners, policy-makers and others with responsi-
bilities in reproductive health. It is a unique training curriculum 
designed to equip participants with the analytical tools and skills 
to integrate the promotion of gender equity and reproductive rights 
into their reproductive health policies and programmes. 

The curriculum contains six teaching modules: three foundation mod-
ules on gender, social determinants of health and rights; and three 
application modules on evidence, policy and health systems. Rather 
than being organized by reproductive health issues (e.g. adolescent 
health, abortion, STIs, male participation), the curriculum uses case 
studies, exercises and practical material to deal with a broad spec-
trum of reproductive health issues from sexual debut and maternal 
mortality to HIV/AIDS and sexual violence. Further, it weaves gender 
and rights into every module of the course, and not as add-on ses-

A conscious effort has been made to use participatory methods to en-
able participants to grow in awareness, maturity and self-reliance, 
and build their confidence and skills in communicating about repro-
ductive and sexual rights and health. 

The entire curriculum is focused on transformation. It provides tools 
and skills for conceptual analysis and for effecting positive changes 
within a health care system.

The curriculum is specifically designed to be used by academic and 
activist trainers offering either stand-alone or university pro-
gramme-related courses in research and programming in sexual and re-
productive health as well as in gender. 

A CD-ROM version of the curriculum will be available in August.

The Manual is available free of charge on written request: 

If you need further information contact

Manuela Colombini
Technical Officer
Gender and Reproductive Rights
Department of Reproductive Health and Research
World Health Organization, Geneva
Tel: +41-22-791-4281
Fax: +41-22-791-4189

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