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Female Condom Research Summaries

Family Health International - Female Condom Information Dissemination 

The female condom is intended to serve a dual role, offering protec-
tion from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI) includ-
ing HIV/AIDS. Some advocacy groups see the female condom as a sig-
nificant new alternative that women can use to better protect them-
selves against HIV/STIs, and some policy-makers have offered major 
support for the method. However, many researchers, policy-makers, and 
program officers are more cautious about committing to wide-scale in-
troduction of the method. Concerns include whether the device is af-
fordable, will replace rather than complement male condom use, will 
be accepted beyond an initial novelty interest, and can lower rates 
of disease and undesired pregnancy when made available to communi-
ties. In settings where there have been reports of individuals reus-
ing female condoms, there is also concern about how the device can be 
used safely more than once.

There is a need among policy makers and program managers for objec-
tive, research-based information about cost, acceptability and effec-
tiveness of female condoms. In response, FHI's Female Condom Informa-
tion Dissemination Project provides scientific, objective, and unbi-
ased information on programmatic implications of the female condom. 
Our research and dissemination focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

The Project produces and disseminates research briefs, via listservs, 
target mailings, conference presentations at selected conferences, 
and the Internet.

If you would like more information about female condom research, 
please visit FHI's female condom information page at:


David Hock
Senior Information Projects Coordinator
Family Health International

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