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Advance Africa's Compendium for Best Practices on the Web

Advance Africa is pleased to announce that the Best Practices Compen-
dium for Family Planning/Reproductive Health Service Delivery is now 
accessible through the internet:

Advance Africa's approach to best practices is an innovative method 
of providing technical assistance to managers at the operational 
level by identifying and classifying program models according to 
their effectiveness and replicability. Users can search the Compen-
dium for appropriate practices to fill their needs. Searches can be 
done by topic areas: 
* Region/Country
* Technical area
* Type of practice
* Target population and 
* Impacts on the strategic objective

Search the database by 7 topic areas.

Submit your practices on line. You may add a "best practice" you or 
your organization has used. 

Find the Compendium through the Advance Africa web site:
or directly at:

This Database Compendium:

* Includes best practices from numerous agencies.

* Serves as an unbiased clearing house for gathering, evaluating and
  distributing practices for global family planning programs. 

* Reviewed by a panel of experts.

* Provides a means to easily and efficiently collect and disseminate
  practices in family planning/ reproductive health through the
  internet with a searchable database.

* Identifies multiple practices that fill specific needs and identi-
  fies those which have shown proven success.

* Provides a clear distinction between untested, risky interventions
  and those backed with experience and evidence - evidence of the
  program's success as well as the amount of replication the program
  has experienced.

* Continues to be a work-in-progress and currently contains a limited
  number of practices. We continually add practices to update the da-

Susan Veras
Technical Officer
Advance Africa
4301 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203, USA
Tel: +1-703-310-3455

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