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AFRO-NETS> Course: Environmental Endocrine Disruptors and Health

Course: Environmental Endocrine Disruptors and Health

9 - 13 September 2002

CSIR, Building 22
Meiring Naude Road
Pretoria, South Africa

A course to be run at University of Pretoria, School of Health Sys-
tems and Public Health


Global concerns have been raised in recent years over the potential 
adverse effects that may result from exposure to chemicals with the 
potential to interfere with the endocrine system. This concern re-
garding endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) is directed at both hu-
mans and wildlife. In South Africa there is not only a lack of public 
awareness, but also a lack of knowledge and understanding by Health 
Workers, Regulators and Industry, regarding the potential impact of 
EDCs on Public Health.

Course Description: Is this course for you?

In the light of continuing uncertainties and publicized concerns, the 
aim is to provide an objective, global assessment of the current 
state-of-the-science relative to environmental endocrine disruption 
in humans, experimental studies, and wildlife species. It focuses on 
the global peer-reviewed scientific literature where the associations 
between environmental exposures and adverse outcomes have been demon-
strated or hypothesized to occur via mechanisms of endocrine disrup-
tion and putting it into an African and South African perspective.

Topics Covered in this Module

The following topics will be discussed:
1. Introduction & Background on EDCs.
2. Endocrine mechanism of action
3. Dose-response relationships
4. Effects in Wildlife
5. Human Health Effects
6. Test Methodologies for chemicals
7. Test methodologies for Endocrine activity
8. Risk assessment & Risk Management
9. EDCs and Public Health

Course Presenters
Tiaan de Jager, PhD, Dipl. Repro Tox (UK), Post-doc (Laval, Canada) 
(Dep. Director: Med Nat Sci, Urology, UP & PAH)

Riana Bornman, MBChB, DSc, MD (Head: Andrology, UP; MEDUNSA)

Irene Barnhoorn, PhD Zool RAU, (Post-doc fellow, Andrology, UP)

Jonathan Okonkwo, PhD (UK), (Environmental Scientist, Technikon Pre-

Natalie Aneck-Hahn, MTech (Chief Techn:Andrology, PAH)

Marlene Fourie, PhD Reproductive Biology, (Infotox)

Other guest speakers


This module is part of the MPH course.
The module can also be taken on its own for continuing education pur-
Successful completion is required to obtain the credits below:
Credit Units:
CPD 40


The level of the course requires a B-degree or higher. We do make ex-
ceptions for persons with comparable experience in health.

This course is aimed at:
Health workers: Doctors, veterinarians, nurses and community workers
Directors of Governmental Departments: Health, Water Affairs, etc. 
Health Inspectors and Environmental Officers, Legislators, Laboratory 
workers: Scientists and technologists

Enrolment and Fees

Tuition fees for this module are ZAR 2,900. This includes handouts, 
and teas, but not lunches nor accommodation. A registration fee of 
ZAR 200 (non-refundable) is required to ensure enrolment.

(NB: For group bookings of more than 20 people a 25% reduction on 
course fees can be applied for)

Please make cheques out to:
School of Health Systems and Public Health, University of Pretoria

For further information contact:
The Education Programme Manager
School of Health Systems and Public Health
University of Pretoria
PO Box 667
Pretoria 0001, South Africa
Tel +27-12-841-3346
Fax +27-12-841-3308

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