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Nutrition & HIV/HCV (2)

Condom myths!

Ron Tyler in his message about Nutrition and HIV wrote that "It is 
common knowledge that the user failure rate in condoms is higher than 
12 percent, statistically one out of every 8 condoms used will fail 
to protect the user from HIV/HCV/Herpes." 

This is simply not correct, and spreading such myths or misunder-
standings is extremely unhelpful in the fight against HIV/AIDS. These 
figures seem to be based on misinterpreted data on condom use for 
pregnancy prevention: Out of 100 women who use condoms as a contra-
ceptive method for a period of 12 months, 12 will get pregnant, as-
suming 'typical use' of condoms. This means that for 100 YEARS of 
condom use, (i.e. not 100 condoms, but maybe 13,000 condoms!) an av-
erage of 12 pregnancies will happen. This data does not give any in-
formation on the safety of individual condoms for HIV-prevention! 

Cordula Schuemer
GTZ Reproductive Health, Tanzania

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