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Nutrition & HIV/HCV

Forgive me but I just can't appreciate your efforts to promote good 
nutrition to combat AIDS and Hep C, (HIV/HCV). If these were normal 
times it would make sense to promote nutrition for the good of the 
general population. When you have 20 million people on your continent 
dying of HIV/HCV etc, you have an emergency situation, not a normal 

If these people lived in America and could afford US$ 500 to US$ 1000 
for vitamin, mineral, herbal and medicine you could be like Magic and 
have HIV and live a healthy normal life, with a great diet. The real-
ity is that 99.5% of the Africans with HIV/HCV have no hope of such 
money to enable them to avail themselves of such aides to combat 
their HIV/HCV. There is no will on the part of the 8 wealthiest na-
tions of the world to provide such money, especially when most of the 
African countries' governments refuse to provide mass education on 
how HIV/HCV are spread.

When the house is on fire, the primary goal is to get to save them 
from the fire, not to make sure they are eating nutritional food that 
would enable them to have the strength to escape. You save them from 
the fire, and then try to help them with their diet. Saving them from 
HIV/HCV now means teaching the people how HIV/HCV is transmitted, in-
fected blood in body fluids, like saliva, sexual secretions, breast 
milk, anal secretions and excretions. It means putting the lie to the 
myth that HIV/HCV can't be spread by oral and/or anal intercourse, or 
by manipulation of sex organs. Infection is easy since over half of 
the population has gingivitis or peridontitis, meaning blood in the 
saliva; since many have hemorrhoids which means blood in the rectum; 
and since all it takes is one scratch or break in the skin on the 
hand manipulating the sex organs. It is common knowledge that the 
user failure rate in condoms is higher than 12 percent, statistically 
one out of every 8 condoms used will fail to protect the user from 
HIV/HCV/Herpes. Condoms give almost no protection against HPPV, which 
kills tens of thousands of women by cervical cancer every year. To 
have multiple sexual partners, outside of polygyny, is suicidal in 
Africa today, and in any other country like USA, India, China and SE 

Why isn't government assisted polygyny being examined as a possible 
solution for providing homes and families for all the war, and 
HIV/HCV widows and orphans, or is feminism in Africa more important 
than homes for widows and orphans? 


Ron Tyler, who has lost one too many loved ones to HIV.

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