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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Treatment of Multi-Drug-Resistant TB in pregnancy (2)

RFI: Treatment of Multi-Drug-Resistant TB in pregnancy (2)

I forwarded the original request to listserve of ABS Medical Network. 
One of our members was kind enough to send following reply:

From: Dr. Maqsood Bhatti
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001
Subject: Treatment of MDR-TB in pregnant woman

Dear Dr. Javaid Khan,

Unfortunately there is not much data available regarding safety of 
second or third line anti-TB meds in pregnancy. Aminoglycosides and 
quinolones are contraindicated. In few case reports Rifampin resis-
tant MTB has been shown to be sensitive to rifamycin. I saw an excel-
lent review article in "Clinical Infectious Disease 28(6):1298-304, 
1999" reporting treatment of four pregnant women with MDR-TB. I am 
sure this journal is available in Agha Khan University or you can e-
mail us your fax number; I will promptly send you a copy. Please also 
review following five references for additional information on man-
agement of MDR-TB in pregnant patient.
1. Smith KC. Tuberculosis in children. [Review] [103 refs] Current
   Problems in Pediatrics. 31(1):1-30, 2001 Jan. 21086744 Complete

2. Nitta AT. Milligan D. Management of four pregnant women with mul-
   tidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 
   28(6):1298-304, 1999 Jun. 99378379 Abstract | Complete Reference 

3. Hageman JR. Congenital and perinatal tuberculosis: discussion of 
   difficult issues in diagnosis and management. [Review] [31 refs] 
   Journal of Perinatology. 18(5):389-94, 1998 Sep-Oct. 98437808 Ab-
   stract | Complete Reference 

4. Signorini L. Matteelli A. Bombana E. Pinsi G. Gulletta M. Tebaldi 
   A. Carosi G. Tuberculosis due to drug-resistant Mycobacterium bo-
   vis in pregnancy. International Journal of Tuberculosis & Lung 
   Disease. 2(4):342-3, 1998 Apr. 98220162 Abstract | Complete Refer-

5. Abel SJ. Ward HE. Allen H. Pritchard R. Wheatley JR. Crawford H. 
   Development of multidrug resistant tuberculosis following super-
   vised care: a case for directly observed therapy. Australian & New 
   Zealand Journal of Medicine. 26(2):228-9, 1996 Apr. 96314140 Com-
   plete Reference 

Good luck and looking forward to hear from you.

Maqsood A. Bhatti, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin
Division of Infectious Disease

I hope this will be helpful.

Mir Atta Muhammad Talpur

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