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AFRO-NETS> Religion, Moral, AIDS and STDs

Religion, Moral, AIDS and STDs


This quote of Egypt may be an excellent discussion starter:

<<Moral and religious values have protected many countries and we 
should not omit these resources when it is now desperately needed.>>

Btw, if a boy would ask me which doctor he should consult before be-
coming sexually active, I would quite frankly pass on this question. 
I believe in France it is a dermatologist, in the US and Germany it 
would probably be an urologist, but in most countries I don't think 
it is in the "yellow pages".

Also, which test a man should do after a sexual relationship and be-
fore engaging into a new one? This also differs from one country to 
the next. Is it standard to search infectious agents in sperm in all 
countries? Should the patient or the doctor propose such test? Would 
a test using urine perform just as well?

Christian Labadie

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