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AFRO-NETS> Three Malaria Vaccine Development Donors Join Forces

Three Malaria Vaccine Development Donors Join Forces

Dear Colleagues,

Here is great news out today to announce a collaborative effort be-
tween the European Malaria Vaccine Initiative, USAID, and the Malaria 
Vaccine Initiative to develop malaria vaccines for Africa and Asia. 

Andrea Egan, PhD 
Coordinator Multilateral Initiative on Malaria 
Fogarty International Center 
National Institutes of Health 
31 Center Drive MSC 2220 
Building 31, Room B2C39 
Bethesda, MD 20892, USA 
Tel: +1-301-402-6680 
Fax: +1-301-402-2056


European Malaria Vaccine Initiative, USAID, and the Gates-Funded Ma-
laria Vaccine Initiative Announce Plans to Jointly Develop Malaria 
Vaccines for Africa and Asia 

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA and COPENHAGEN, DK (22 June 2001) - Three or-
ganizations of global reach have agreed to work together to speed the 
development of malaria vaccines for Africa and Asia. The three-way 
alliance is a critical development in international collaboration to 
combat a disease that kills at least one child every thirty seconds.

 "At many times in the last 15 years, malaria vaccine development has 
been agonizingly slow," said Sir Gustav Nossal, Chair of the Strate-
gic Advisory Council that helps guide the Malaria Vaccine Initiative. 
"This new network of international collaborations promises to change 
that." The Malaria Vaccine Initiative at PATH (Program for Appropri-
ate Technology in Health, a US-based nonprofit organization), the 
European Commission's European Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EMVI), and 
the U.S. Agency for International Development's Malaria Vaccine De-
velopment Program (MVDP), announced today that they have joined 
forces in facilitating malaria vaccine development - from testing and 
manufacturing of vaccine candidates to ensuring their accessibility 
and affordability in developing countries. Each organization pushes 
forward the development of malaria vaccine candidates through part-
nerships with governments, universities, and biotechnology and phar-
maceutical companies. They have clinical evaluation of vaccines ongo-
ing and planned for Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

"Malaria is a deadly disease," said Soren Jepsen, M.D., Manager of 
EMVI. "But because malaria is primarily a problem of developing coun-
tries, the commitment to combat it requires political will. These 
agreements demonstrate that will on both sides of the Atlantic." "Ma-
laria creates large-scale misery in developing countries, and global 
resources, although growing, are not sufficient to defeat it, making 
concerted action imperative," said Regina Rabinovich, MD, Director of 
the Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) at PATH. "Today's agreements ex-
tend our efforts to replace competition with strategic collaboration, 
as established by our prior agreement with the U.S. National Insti-
tute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases." "Our three programs share 
the same sense of mission," said Carter Diggs, M.D., Ph.D., Senior 
Advisor of USAID's MVDP. "There have been many attempts over the 
years at increased international collaboration. Today's partnership 
ensures that promising vaccine candidates won't fall through the 

Around two million children, the majority in Africa, die every year 
from malaria, and between 300 and 500 million people are infected 
with the disease. Malaria is a parasitic infection transmitted 
through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito. The availability of an 
effective malaria vaccine would greatly aid ongoing global efforts to 
reduce the impact of malaria through drugs and other means. Each pro-
gram brings significant resources and experience to the fight against 

MVI has a flexible structure that can interact effectively with any 
international partner, as well as considerable expertise. EMVI has 
the support of the European Union, broad access to European science, 
and a core partnership with The African Malaria Vaccine Testing Net-
work (AMVTN). USAID has a 35-year history of supporting malaria vac-
cine development through a global network of partners. "We're hoping 
that today's agreement among three major players in the malaria vac-
cine field will spur even greater collaboration worldwide," said 
Rabinovich. The three groups will strategize about how to break 
through technical and financial barriers to vaccine development. They 
will also share information useful for the design of clinical trials 
and malaria vaccine development where permitted by confidentiality 
agreements. "The malaria vaccine field stands on the brink of excit-
ing new developments," said Jepsen. "This partnership will speed us 
toward the goal of an accessible malaria vaccine for the developing 
world, as no single organization can manage the work of carrying 
through a vaccine from development to testing."

The Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) established 
the Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) through a $50 million award of 
seed money by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. MVI at PATH seeks 
to accelerate the development of promising malaria vaccines and en-
sure their availability for the developing world. For further infor-
mation about MVI and PATH, visit the Web sites at:

The European Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EMVI) seeks to accelerate 
development of malaria vaccines in Europe and developing countries; 
contribute to the global effort to develop malaria vaccines; and en-
sure affordability and accessibility of malaria vaccines in develop-
ing countries. For more information about the EMVI, visit the Web 
site at:

The USAID's Malaria Vaccine Development Program (MVDP) focuses on the 
development of vaccines that will reduce malaria-associated mortality 
and morbidity in developing countries, especially in children and 
pregnant women. The MVDP works closely with academia, the commercial 
sector, and other governmental agencies. For more information, visit 
the Web Sites:

For further information, contact: 
Malaria Vaccine Initiative at PATH
Ellen Wilson or Joe Sutherland
Burness Communications 
Tel: +1-301-652-1558 
or Carol Hooks
Tel: +1-202-822-0033

European Malaria Vaccine Initiative
Soren Jepsen
Manager, EMVI 
Tel:+45-32-683-188 or +45-20-720-462

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