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AFRO-NETS> South Africa heads UN list of HIV infections

South Africa heads UN list of HIV infections

UNITED NATIONS, June 21 (AFP) - South Africa has the largest esti-
mated number of people living with HIV/AIDS, according to UN data re-
leased Thursday ahead of next week's General Assembly special session 
on the pandemic. The 15 countries with the largest number of infec-
tions at the end of last year were: 

South Africa            4.7 million 
India                   3.7 million 
Ethiopia                3.0 million 
Nigeria         2.7 million 
Kenya                   2.1 million 
Zimbabwe                1.5 million 
Tanzania                1.3 million 
Mozambique              1.2 million 
Democratic Republic
of Congo                1.1 million 
Zambia                  875,000 
United States           850,000 
Uganda                  820,000 
Malawi                  800,000 
Ivory Coast             760,000 
Thailand                695,000
The 15 countries with the highest adult prevalence -- the percentage 
of the population between the ages of 15 and 49 who are HIV-positive 

Botswana                36 percent 
Swaziland               25 percent 
Zimbabwe                25 percent 
Lesotho         24 percent 
South Africa            22 percent 
Zambia                  20 percent 
Namibia         20 percent 
Malawi                  16 percent 
Kenya                   14 percent 
Central African 
Republic                14 percent 
Mozambique              13 percent 
Djibouti                12 percent 
Burundi         11 percent 
Rwanda                  11 percent 
Ivory Coast             11 percent 

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