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AFRO-NETS> Nigeria's National HIV Vaccine Plan

Nigeria's National HIV Vaccine Plan

The Nigerian National HIV Vaccine Plan is the national strategy for 
developing a vaccine that addresses HIV strains peculiar to Nigeria 
and the West African sub-region. A product of a consultative process 
including a consensus workshop held in Abuja in February, the na-
tional vaccine plan will guide the vaccine development process in 

A draft copy of this strategic document is now available on the Nige-
ria-AIDS website:

You can make your input into this final copy of this strategic policy 
document. Read through and send your comments on the draft copy to 
the Civil Society Consultative Group on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria by email: 

Your comments will be compiled and forwarded to the National Action 
Committee on AIDS (NACA) and other stakeholders before the final 
meeting to finalize the draft into a policy document.

Other new materials on the Nigeria-AIDS website:

- Abuja Declaration and Plan of Action on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and
  Other Related Infectious Diseases

- Mechanism for the Monitoring of the Abuja Plan of Action

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  Secretary-General Kofi Annan? Your chance to cast your vote in our
  online survey. Go to:


Omololu Falobi

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