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AFRO-NETS> The Drum Beat - 98 - UPCOMING EVENTS June 18, 2001

The Drum Beat - 98 - UPCOMING EVENTS June 18, 2001

This Drum Beat features a range of upcoming Events that provide oppor-
tunities to engage, debate, learn and contribute on the issues and
topics of interest to you.

Please visit the new Events Calendar section on The Communication
Initiative web site for a more extensive listing, organised by month,
with a keyword search for all entries.

Know of an event that we have not yet listed? Please send to:
Janice Innes -


1. ZIFF 4th Festival of the Dhow Countries June 29-July 14 2001 Zanzi-
bar a celebration of Dhow culture from the lands that border the In-
dian Ocean: Africa, the Arabian Gulf States, Iran, the Indian sub
continent and the islands of the ocean itself. Over 50 groups of mu-
sicians are scheduled to perform and over 100 films will be screened,
with awards for the best feature films and documentaries. event.html
Contact Fiona Macalister

2. Asian Women's Electronic Networking Training Workshop July 2-8 2001
Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, Korea aims to build the ca-
pacities of women and their organisations to utilise new information
and communication technologies in social and policy advocacy. event.html

3. The African Computing & Telecommunications Summit July 30-Aug 2
2001 St George Hotel, Pretoria, South Africa consists of a series of
specialised briefings, workshops and forums which together provide
broad coverage of latest developments in computing and telecommunica-
tions, as well as in depth specialised knowledge on key topics. event.html

4. IEC (Information, Education, Communication) Strategy Design & Ma-
terials Development for Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) Programmes
Aug 13-31 2001 Training Centre for East Africa, Kampala, Uganda for
IEC coordinators, peer leaders, service providers on adult SRH pro-
grammes. event.html Con-
tact or:

5. World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia
& Other Forms of Related Intolerance (WCAR) Aug 31-Sep 7 2001 Durban,
South Africa will look at the growing recognition that various types
of discrimination do not always affect men and women equally or in
the same way and that gender discrimination may be intensified and
facilitated by other forms of discrimination. event.html


COMING SOON The Communication Initiative with a FOCUS on Latin Amer-

PRONTO La Iniciativa de Comunicaci?n con MUCHO de America Latina


Where all Latin American Communicators for Social Development from
Practitioners to Media Makers to Academics will be. June 27 2001


6. Global Summit of Women 2001 Sept 13-15 2001 Hong Kong theme is
Women's Economic Empowerment Worldwide. event.html

7. Revitalising Communities in a Globalising World: Civil Society,
Universities, Government, & Business Forging Ahead Sept 21 2001 South-
ampton, UK Exploring the idea of how to develop partnerships amongst
local communities, entrepreneurs, policy makers and academics can work
together to deal with the issues of poverty, improving the quality of
life for people in disadvantaged communities and safeguarding the en-
vironment. event.html

  8. The Global Embrace 2001 Sept 30 2001 Worldwide a worldwide inter-
generational walk event that takes place annually around the Interna-
tional Day of Older Persons, 1 Oct. An initiative of WHO, this con-
sists of a chain of locally organised walks and events encircling the
globe over a 24 hour period. event.html Contact

  9. International Venture Philanthropy Forum Oct 1-3 2001 Budapest,
Hungary in an effort to share the lessons learned by venture philan-
thropists around the world with corporate leaders, donors, investors
and policy makers in the emerging economies of Central Europe and
Latin America, NESST is hosting this forum. event.html

10. 2nd Annual Conference on Honduras 2001 Oct 12-13 2001 Washington,
DC, USA will bring together individuals and organizations engaged in
projects to help Honduras in the areas of education and health care.
Topics of concentration will include the AIDS epidemic in Honduras;
orphans and homeless children; and schools and student exchange pro-
grammes. event.html



Next issue will be June 20. To advertise your vacancies through The
Communication Initiative, contact Carey Hooge


11. 1st Project Hope International Conference Nov 15-16 2001 Port
Harcourt, Rivers State Capital, Nigeria theme is Gender Based Vio-
lence & Crime Against Humanity. event.html
Contact or

12. Tobacco Control & Gender Nov 26-Dec 5 2001 University of Mel-
bourne, Australia purpose is to raise awareness, discuss research
techniques to investigate social influences on tobacco use, stimulate
development of innovative strategies for tobacco control, and
strengthen linkages for advocacy & policy change. event.html
Contact Ms Siang Tia

13. International Conference on Adult Learning & Poverty Alleviation
Nov 27-29 2001 Gauteng, South Africa purpose is to share information
and experiences on the link between adult education and skills devel-
opment and poverty alleviation through research. event.html

14. World Congress of Citizens Network Dec 5-7 2001 Buenos Aires, Ar-
gentina the annual meeting of the community networks from all over
the world, as well as of people from different sectors interested in
their promotion. Global CN 2001 aims to encourage the building of
community networks around the world, based upon strategic alliances
with the various organizations of civil society, the State, private
enterprises and universities. event.html

15. Getting beyond the Digital Divide after the Genoa G-8 Summit
Workshop Dec 10 2001 Zurich, Switzerland the policy and actions under
discussion in this workshop are intended to look beyond identifica-
tion of the divide toward further action and implementation of the
DOT Force group. This will include: identifying, examining, discuss-
ing and evaluating solutions pro posed and moving toward acceptance
among academics, civil society organizations and the general public. event.html
Contact Thomas Ruddy

16. Violence against Women: Impact, effects & responses Jan 28-Feb8
2002 University of Melbourne, Australia purpose is to foster under-
standing of how violence impacts on women's physical, psychological &
social well being, identify common patterns of symptom presentation
to health care providers, and develop awareness of a psychologically
informed approach to assisting women deal with the effects of vio-
lence. event.html
Contact Ms Siang Tia

17. African Film & History Conference July 6-8 2002 University of
Cape Town in Rondebosch, South Africa aims to stimulate research in
the field of film and history in Africa by bringing together scholars
from within and beyond the continent. event.html
Contact Vivian Bickford Smith

18. 4th International Workshop on Kangaroo Mother Care Nov 26-29 2002
University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business, South Africa
purpose of the workshop is to draw key international persons together
to share their experiences with KMC and produce position statements
in order to direct future research, public health policies and imple-
mentation of KMC.
event.html Contact Deborah McTeer


The Drum Beat seeks to cover the full range of communication for de-
velopment activities. Inclusion of an item does not imply endorsement
or support by The Partners.

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