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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Kenyan/African men and health

RFI: Kenyan/African men and health

Dear Afro-nets,

My name is Hugh Lagan and I work as a counselling psychologist as the 
Amani Counselling and Training Institute here in Nairobi, Kenya. I 
have recently completed a research study looking at how health behav-
iours in Kenyan men may be related to their experiences of male so-
cialization. To date I have sampled some 400 college-aged men and I 
am at present entering the data for analysis. The purpose of this 
study is to help us identify how Kenyan men can live healthier and 
longer lives, as well as see how their understandings of what it 
means to be a man may in fact be contributing to their health prob-
lems. Given the fact that over 50% of the clients who come to us for 
counselling are men, we feel that such a study will allow us to offer 
better clinical services and support to out male clients.

I am at present seeking any research studies or articles, which ad-
dress the whole area of Kenyan men and health. I am particularly in-
terested in any writings, which speak about the attitudes of Kenyan 
men to their health, what health areas are particularly problematic 
for Kenyan men and any statistical data on the health status of Ken-
yan men. I would also be interested any writings done within the 
wider area of African men and health.

I would be most grateful for any help you may be in a position to of-
fer me. I am willing to cover any costs incurred in sending me on any 
information. Given the fact that our resources here are so limited, 
any information would be most welcome.

You may also be aware of other organizations/institutions to whom I 
might address this request? I would appreciate any e-mail contacts or 

My thanks for both your time and any help you may be able to offer 

I wish you continued success in your own work and commitments.


Hugh Lagan
Amani Counselling and Training Institute
PO Box 15116
Nairobi, Kenya
East Africa

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