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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, June 10th 2001

Supercourse Newsletter, June 10th 2001

Dear Friends:

The head of the NIH Fogarty Foundation has agreed to provide a lec-
ture. Fogarty is the center overseeing International Research and 
Training at NIH.

We received excellent interest for the development of a system to 
reach the last mile. We received a wonderful message from a good 
friend, Hector Aris from Columbia. He sees important potential of 
mini-courses created by you as these can be sent via e-mail, and cop-
ied to a floppy disc and then printed. He indicated that the power of 
this will be, use these to teach the rural leader farmer with your 
knowledge. As he indicated they have many sicknesses, which could be 
prevented with better information. Many of you have joined to help 
develop these. Cuba has been very successful developing such a system 
by Pedro Urra, and help from PAHO through Carlos Gamboa.

Toronto Congress of Epidemiology 2001

Supercourse Meeting:
Date and Time: Friday, June 15, 2001, 7:30-9:30
Place: Crown Room, Westin Hotel 

Epidemiology Congress 2001

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto. 

We need some help in distributing CDs and fliers in Toronto. Please 
contact us at the coffee breaks on Thursday and Friday.

We ordered 1,600 CDs which have 326 wonderful lectures on Epidemiol-
ogy, Global Health and Prevention. We will be giving these out at the 
meetings (hopefully). At the morning coffee break on Thursday we will 
hand out a flier about the Supercourse, which announces the distribu-
tion of the CDS and the meeting Friday night. 

At the Friday coffee break with your help we plan to distribute your 
lectures. We want to make sure that students and international fac-
ulty take priority, but we should have enough CDs. It will be close, 
as the place that is burning our CDs will be express mailing them to 

The lectures are free. We provide these CDs to people if you agree 
not to sell the lectures. Also we ask that you give copies to col-
league, friends, students, sons and daughters to spread top-quality 
lectures worldwide. We would also like for you to think of the worst 
lecture/class that you give each year. We would like you to add 
slides from the Supercourse to "spice up" the lecture and give the 
lecture more pizzazz. We all have a lecture that we hate to give 
(mine is the epidemiology of leukemia which I find REALLY boring as 
it is not my area or interest).

We would appreciate your help with distribution as well as coming to 
the meeting on Friday Night. John Last, Akira Sekikawa, Eun Ryoung 
Sa, and Ron LaPorte will interact with you to develop the future.

Please consider bringing something to eat, something to drink and a 
CD of your talk to the Supercourse meeting Friday night. We value and 
need your input.

Ron, Akira, Eun Ryoung, Faina, Benjamin, Beatriz, Fan, Eugene, Deb, 
Tom, Mita

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