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The Drum Beat - 97 - E-magazines & Discussion Forums

from The Communication forces...local 
choices...critical voices...telling stories...    

Partners: The Rockefeller Foundation, BBC World Service, The CHANGE 
Project, CIDA, The European Union, Exchange, Johns Hopkins University 
Center for Communication Programs, The Panos Institute, Soul City, 
The Synergy Project, UNAIDS, UNICEF, USAID, WHO.

Chair of Partners Group: Denise Gray-Felder, Rockefeller Foundation

Director: Warren Feek


The C.I. strategy includes provision of real-time information on com-
munication and development experiences and thinking, facilitating 
horizontal linkages between people engaged in communication action, 
peer commentary on programmes and strategies, and taking opportuni-
ties to promote strategic thinking on communication and development 
issues and problems.  We offer a web site, an E-magazine and several 
Discussion Forums in support of this.

To further our support of your work, we are adding to The C. I. site 
two NEW sections:

1) E-MAGASINES - a listing of newsletters.

2) DISCUSSION FORUMS - a listing of active discussion groups focusing 
on issues of development for social change.  We may also list some 
inactive discussions which had archives that may be of interest to 

Below is a sampling of these new sections.   Please send your favor-
ite E-magasine or Discussion Forum details to 
Janice Innes



1. ARTPAD Project Newsletter - a resource for theatre, participation, 
& development.  
Contact: Julie McCarthy

2. Creative Exchange - a network of practitioners & organisations 
working with arts & culture for the relief of need worldwide.

3. e-prodder-mail - weekly e-mail development information service to 
inform the Southern African development community of events and ini-
tiatives in the development field.  

4. APC (Associated Progressive Communications) News - monthly e-
newsletter, featuring news & activities from across the globe. Avail-
able in English or Spanish.

5. PLANetWIRE - twice-monthly media analysis; writing on trends in 
coverage on international family planning, population, development, & 
reproductive health issues.

6. - online action on extreme poverty worldwide.


The Drum Beat, issued once a week, focuses on disseminating informa-
tion on selected programmes, data, materials, people, and media 
sources from communication, development and change organisations.


7. eXchange - published quarterly in print & electronic format. Cov-
ers information technology for development topics & is mainly ad-
dressed to the development community.

8. Bytes for all - development stories, programmes & information for 
& from South Asia.

9. Immunization Focus - published quarterly from the Global Alliance 
for Vaccines & Immunization.  

10. Environmental Health Project - in english & spanish, a monthly e-
newsletter about improving environmental conditions & reducing expo-
sure to health risks.

11. Adapting to Change Newsletter - a learning programme on popula-
tion, reproductive health & health sector reform.


Check out other NEW Developments from The Communication Initiative:




12. BATIK - Bulletin d'Analyse sur les Technologies de l'Information 
et de la Communication. Lettre d'information ?lectronique mensuelle 
publi?e par OSIRIS l'Observatoire sur les Syst?mes d'Information, les 
R?seaux et les Inforoutes au S?n?gal.  

13. Half The World - focuses on news, issues, books and web sites of 
interest to women, most of which aren't heavily publicised in the 
mainstream media.

14. AVIVA - monthly international webzine, publishing news & listings 
about, & of interest to women, worldwide.

15. Balancing Act News Update - a weekly e-letter covering African 
internet content & infrastructure development.


DB Classifieds.

Contact us <> to publicize: 
Vacancies - Training Events - Books - Consultants

Twice Monthly.

For more information, see



16. Changemakers - an initiative of Ashoka that focuses on the rap-
idly growing world of social entrepreneurship, focusing on providing 
inspiration, resources, & opportunities for those interested in so-
cial change throughout the world.

17. Media Friends Association - on issues such as gender, environ-
mental awareness, health education, human rights, peace, media educa-
tion & profession.  
Contact Dr. Mughees Sh.

18. SAGE Sustainability Action Group Exchange - committed to dis-
course surrounding environmental & sustainable development issues.


"drumbeatchat" is a discussion of information disseminated through 
The Drum Beat e-magazine and The C.I. Home Page news items.


19. Social Enterpreneurship - discussion topic is on the synergy be-
tween the business & social sectors. - click on "Join the dis-

20. Reproductive Rights, Human Rights was a guided 6 week discussion 
forum focusing on the relationship between reproductive rights & hu-
man rights worldwide, discussion outcomes can be viewed online.

21. Children Affected by AIDS (CABA) facilitating vital discussion & 
information exchange on efforts to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on 
children, families, & the communities in which they live.


"MakingWaves" is a C.I. discussion of the publication "Making Waves: 
Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change," published 
by the Rockefeller Foundation.


22. PrevGES Prevention of Social Violence - to share knowledge, re-
search results & new ideas that may arise from quite distant perspec-

23. Health Communication Materials Network - a network of profession-
als specializing in all aspects of health communication materials de-
velopment & dissemination. Enabling health communication specialists 
around the world to share ideas, information, & samples of materials 
with colleagues.


Please assist us in providing the most extensive lists of E-magazines 
and Discussion Forums. 

Send details to Janice Innes


The Drum Beat seeks to cover the full range of communication for de-
velopment activities. Inclusion of an item does not imply endorsement 
or support by The Partners. 

Please send material for The Drum Beat to 
The Editor
Deborah Heimann

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `<>'.
Mail administrative requests to `<>'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `<>'.

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