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AFRO-NETS> What is the meaning of "fair use"? (2)

What is the meaning of "fair use"? (2)

Hi Christian and others...

As always you put an interesting spin on these issues - the approach 
I took with the ONLINE-ED list really came about because I wanted as 
many people to read the information as possible but didn't want oth-
ers to republish without acknowledgement of the original source. I've 
taken this attitude to my new publishing/directory service GLOBAL-ED 
- this will be released in July this year with an initial 10,000 sub-
scribers - (I'll let you all know when the site is released) a funda-
mental factor is that I don't pay my authors and so I have the atti-
tude that the article they have written really belongs to them - and 
they can republish wherever they want provided they acknowledge the 
original source - i.e. my site

Christian, you really hit the nail squarely on the head in talking 
about "fair use" - we all want to make the world a better place and 
are happy when others use our work/writings - but it's not fair for 
someone to take your material, repackage it and claim as their own 
and then profit financially from your Intellectual Property.

Your comments on databasing are interesting - the GLOBAL-ED site will 
essentially be a very large online database of Online Education re-
sources - including articles - but nothing will be published until it 
has gone through an editorial process - by me initially but by a 
global team as the site grows.

A discussion on copyright would be a welcome topic for the GLOBAL-ED 
list later in the year - by then, I'll have an asynchronous discus-
sion list set up as well and I imagine there would be some quite 
spirited discussion!


Graeme Hart

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