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AFRO-NETS> New improved CHPSS home page

New improved CHPSS home page

Dear All,

CHPSS Home Page Has A New Improved Look

The home page of the CHPSS web site now has a refreshing new improved
look with the addition of a "Link of the Week" feature.

The goal of this new feature is to regularly draw the attention of
particularly African visitors to our site, to credible Internet
sources of reliable, topical and evidence-based health information.

In this period of the 20th anniversary of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, this
week's "Link of the week" is particularly germane. It describes the
strong interconnectedness between HIV/AIDS/STDs & TB and how to con-
tain /manage this vicious triad of diseases.

We invite you to join us in achieving the goal of this new feature by
send URLs input from time to time on worthy web sites to be featured
as our "Link of the week".

Thank you.

A. Odutola

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