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AFRO-NETS> Training, Books, Consultants June-6-2001

Training, Books, Consultants June-6-2001

 From The Communication Initiative partnership Global forces...local
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1. Basic Course in Participatory Poverty Assessment (Jul 3-10 2001)

Purpose of this course is to equip participants with concepts, prin-
ciples, tools and techniques for participatory poverty assessment.
[Development Tracks, Research, Training & Consultancy (RTC) - New
Delhi, India]

2. Participatory Development Workshop: Concepts, Tools & Application
in PLA/PRA Methods (Jul 16-21 2001)

Focuses on core participatory concepts, tools and their application.
This is an intensive six-day practical and experiential workshop set
in the community to maximize learning, group interaction and net-
working. [ International - Ottawa, Canada]

3. Partnering for Results 2001 (Oct 5-8 2001)

An opportunity for non profit staff and board members, corporate phi-
lanthropy professionals, government managers, business professionals,
and community leaders worldwide interested in creating
effective partnerships. [Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, USA]

4. Using the Internet: 'Travelling' Workshops for African University

Although online access to the Internet has recently been introduced
in many African universities, librarians in those universities often
feel inadequately trained in its use. This is a programme of
'travelling' workshops on Internet use for staff in nine university
library systems in Africa. [The International Network for the Avail-
ability of Scientific Publications (INASP) - Oxford, England]

5. Tobacco Control & Gender (Nov 26 - Dec 5 2001)

Raise awareness of the links between tobacco use & gender interna-
tionally...Discuss research techniques to investigate social influ-
ences on tobacco use. Stimulate development of innovative strategies
for tobacco control. Strengthen linkages for advocacy & policy change
[University of Melbourne,

6. Action Research geared towards Reproductive Health of Young People
- A Basic Course (Aug 122 2001)
Aims to equip participants with expertise that will allow them to de-
sign approaches suitable for young people, and thus help this vulner-
able group avoid infections, unwanted pregnancies and sexual vio-
lence. [Youth & Adolescents Reproductive Health Project - Yaounde,

See over 100 other training events listed at with a page of in-
formation on each event



7. Stunted Lives, Stagnant Economies: Poverty, Disease, and Underde-
velopment, by Eileen Stillwaggon

Houses made of rags and flattened soda cans, filthy water that breeds
disease, counterfeit medicines, no access to decent medical care-how
can children growing up in such an environment become pro-
ductive workers contributing to a developing economy? Stunted Lives,
Stagnant Economies describes in vivid detail the living conditions of
the poor in developing countries and the diseases and injuries
that result from this environment of need. Most of the diseases that
affect the poor--cholera, summer diarrhoea, tuberculosis, lice,
worms, and leprosy--result from the poverty of their environment.
Poverty also determines the availability and effectiveness of the
medical response. Using Argentina as a case study, Eileen Stillwaggon
argues that making good health available to everyone is not a scien-
tific problem but an economic one.

8. The Global Embrace Handbook

A guide for organisers of The Global Embrace walk events. The "Global
Embrace" is a big walk event that takes place around the Interna-
tional day of older persons 1 October. This year it will take place
on Sunday 30 September. As an initiative of WHO, the Global Embrace
consists of a chain of locally organised walks and events encircling
the globe over a 24-hour period.

9. Out of War: True Stories from the Frontlines of the Children's
Movement for Peace

A book for young adults about the Children's Movement for Peace in
Colombia.... tells the dramatic first person stories of nine remark-
able young people who have experienced violence and chosen to
work for peace.

10. Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Chart book on Sexual Experience &
Reproductive Health

Reviews data from Demographic and Health Surveys in 11 countries in
the region. This compilation of data and analysis focuses on adoles-
cents ages 15 to 19. The chart book examines the factors that
are critical for young people's healthy transition to adulthood

11. Violence Against Women: for the protection and promotion of the
human rights of women, 10 reports/Year 2000 the result of the work of
the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) in the field of inte-
grating the human rights of women and gender perspective into the
work of the United Nations human rights treaty monitoring bod-
ies...compiles ten alternative country reports on violence against

12. Frontier Issues in Economic Thought - A series of books by G-DAE
(Global Development & Environment Institute)

"Offers a concise, accessible introduction to innovative new work
that is expanding the frontiers of economics. Each volume includes
short 2-to 5-page summaries of over 70 key articles and book chap-

13. Tools for Community Participation

"Description of an approach to community participation that "has
worked for thousands of trainers in dozens of countries."

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