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AFRO-NETS> RFI: source for white mosquito netting (12

RFI: source for white mosquito netting (12)

I have been reading the messages concerning netting materials with
growing disbelief : Afro-nets has become the playing ground of com-
mercial companies using this method of communication for free public-
ity to advertise their products.

One message, like the one Jo Lines wrote, was enough to help people
sort out their problem. Instead we have now been inundated with mes-
sages about net manufacturers (and surprisingly most of them were
just distributors, making business from the real manufacturer).

Regarding Torben's so-called Permanet, he induces people to believe
that large scale field trials have been done with this product but
no data has been given. What were the results ? Good ? Average ? com-
pared to normally insecticide treated nets ?
Anyway wash-resistant insecticide treated nets were shown to be ef-
fective with permethrin at normal dosage in the Gambian field trial
by Miller et al (1995) Medical & Veterinary Entomology 9:43-49
Moreover, it seems to me that the Permanet simple has a high dose of
active ingredient with a chemical binder.

My question - what do people risk when sleeping under such a high
dose of deltamethrin (55 mg per square metre)? If only a small part of
the deltamethrin used on the net is available, does this mean that
the pyrethroid insecticide stays in the fabric like for the Olyset
net or does it mean that with every wash some of the chemical comes
of to cause pollution (e.g. killing fish in the stream).

It is not fair to make people think that this type of net has advan-
tages while the trials are far from being finished ? Have we forgot-
ten that we are trying to save people's lifes (children - babies)
with bednets, instead of which we might well irritate them with such
a high dose of a powerful pyrethroid.

As for the people who are asking the questions like where to get
netting material, I am sure that WHO and UNICEF are more than will-
ing to give the addresses of all the manufacturers making good qual-
ity nets according WHO specifications + the insecticides (WHOPES ap-
proved) needed for their treatment.

Lala Msuri

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