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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Source for white mosquito netting (10)

RFI: Source for white mosquito netting (10)

We've heard several pitches from net suppliers on this list. Most of 
them don't have much presence in unsubsidised African textile mar-
kets, which are almost entirely supplied by African manufacturers. 

As far as I am aware, we have not yet heard from any African net 
manufacturers. The Tanzanian manufacturers - possibly the others too 
- make nets that are every bit as good, in terms of quality and 
price, as Asian nets. I suppose we haven't heard from them because 
they don't specialise in selling to projects. Some projects neverthe-
less make a point of trying to buy from these African suppliers, as 
it represents another way to support the growth of local net markets. 

Here are some contacts in Tanzania:

1. A to Z  <> 
2. Sunflag <>
3. TMTL    <> 

and in Kenya:

4. Polo Industries Ltd
   Sunil L. Wanzah (MD) 
   Enterprise Road
   P.O. Box 11265
   Nairobi, Kenya
   Tel: +254-2-552-400 / 535-266 (not sure about this e-mail)

5. Nets Ltd.
   P. J. Shah (Director) 
   P.O. Box 11473
   Nairobi, Kenya, 
   Tel: +254-2-535-116

6. Mossnet Industries Ltd
   Michael Oddenyo (Director)
   Mombasa Road
   P.O. Box 4630
   Nairobi, Kenya, 
   Tel: +254-2-535-128

There are also several manufacturers in Nigeria and in other West Af-
rican countries. For other contacts in Africa, I think PATH CANADA 
<> maintains a list.

There are some tens of millions of nets in use in Africa, and the 
great majority (>90%?) were supplied by the unsubsidised commercial 
market. Recent evidence from Tanzania (Schellenberg et al. Lancet 
357:1241-47) suggests that untreated nets are approximately half as 
good as treated nets at preventing child deaths. If so, it means that 
in most African countries, many more lives are saved every year by 
the unsubsidised commercial net market than by donor-supported ITN 

Jo Lines
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 
Keppel St. London WC1E 7HT, UK

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