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AFRO-NETS> RFI:Source for white mosquito netting (9)

RFI:Source for white mosquito netting (9)

Dear Vera and others,

The idea behind PermaNet(tm) is quite simple, although the process is
very complicated, so let me explain the idea in a few words.

We are using deltamethrin, and the impregnation dosage is 55 mg. per
m2, but only a small part of the deltamethrin is available. The idea
behind PermaNet(tm) is to protect the main part of the impregnation
until we want it to be available to the mosquito. In the life time of
the impregnation there will therefore always be the necessary deltame
thrin available to kill the mosquitoes, but no excess to be lost in
vain. It is the protection that makes it possible to achieve more
than 20 washes in laboratory testing, where the normal dipping proc-
ess with deltamethrin only lasts for 3 washes in the same
test procedure.

4 - 5 years is what WHO and UNICEF calls the life time of a bed net,
and that is also the period we expect the impregnation to last.

Further testing is right now being conducted in Venezuela, Columbia,
Uganda, Cote d`Ivoire, Tanzania and Pakistan, and so far we are only
seeing fine results.

Our price of PermaNet(tm) is very low and equal to the price of a
normal bed net + one normal dipping impregnation. But you save 7 to
10 re-impregnations. This means that the lifetime price of Per-
maNet(tm) is approximately USD20-00 cheaper than a normal bed net.

For further information, please check our web site below. All infor-
mation will be updated in 14 days in English, French and Spanish. For
those who might not find it possible to access our web site, please
come back to me. As far as I know this list server does not appreci-
ate attached documents, so I will do that individually to those who
request it.

All the best,

Vestergaard Frandsen Group
Torben Vestergaard Frandsen
Director of Development
Tel: +457-550-3050
Fax: +457-550-3044

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