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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, June 1st

Supercourse Newsletter, June 1st

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to the Congress of Epidemiology 2001 at the 
Weston Hotel <> in Toronto. We hope that many 
of you will be able to attend.

Supercourse CDs
New formula, 70% larger and for free

We decided to provide CDs of the supercourse to many of the partici-
pants at the College of Epidemiology meeting. If you come, you might 
want to pick up a new CD as Eun Ryoung Sa has done a wonderful job in 
updating the new and improved supercourse CD. We have all the CDC 
lectures in this version, with a total number of lectures of 326. We 
wish we could provide the CDs to everyone, but the Congress could not 
provide support. Therefore we will try to distribute the lectures as 
fairly as we can.

We will have the CDs available at the registration desk, on a first 
come-first serve. The two conditions for obtaining this material are 
that you do not sell the lectures and that you make a copy of the 
lectures for yourself, and then distribute copies to your students, 
faculty, friends and family. If you cannot distribute the material, 
then please wait for the CDs for another time as we want to reach and 
help as many people in epidemiology as we can and we do not have a 
lot of money for making CDs.


We will have a meeting/party on Friday night, June 15 in the Weston 
from 7:30-9:00. We will give a short presentation to overview where 
we are. We very much want to obtain feedback from all of you. A pri-
mary concern we have now is how to change the "culture" of epidemiol-
ogy and global health teaching. We have a wonderful set of lectures 
provided by you, the global leaders of the world. How can we bring 
these into the classroom? We would love suggestions as to how move 
the lectures into the classroom.
After the short meeting, we will have the "food fest". This is a 
global sharing of food. Already we have been promised Cape Cod potato 
chips. In addition, there will be "Canadian Dry ginger ale", and for 
the more adventuresome, "Canadian Club. The supercourse faculty has 
been wonderful in sharing lectures. It would be great if we also 
shared our food and drink as well as we do this for global health, 
our field and friendship.

We would also like if you could bring a CD from your area as well. 
Most certainly Gordon Lightfoot will be represented. We would love 
music from your area/religion/ethnic group so we can understand each 
other a little better.

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto.

You can, of course come without bringing any food, we want to meet 
you. There always is much food and drink to go around.

Best Regards,

Ron, Akira, Eun Ryoung, Faina, Benjamin, Beatriz, Fan, Ying, Eugene, 
Tom, Deb, Mita

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