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AFRO-NETS> Amnesty International Annual Report 2001

Amnesty International Annual Report 2001
Available online at:
This report documents human rights issues during the year 2000. It also 
reflects the activities undertaken during the year to promote human 
rights and to campaign against specific human rights abuses.
In October 2000 Amnesty International launched a new campaign to mobi-
lize people around the world in a collective effort to combat torture.  
As this report shows, the powers ranged against the human rights move-
ment are formidable. However, so are the forces marshaled in support of 
human rights. The international human rights movement, is growing, di-
versifying and gaining strength. The outrage at injustice that led to 
the founding of  Amnesty International 40 years ago continues to in-
spire and motivate millions of people determined to build a better 

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