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Training, Books, Consultants

The Communication Initiative partnership

Global forces. Local choices. Critical voices. telling stories...

DB Classifieds consolidate some recent initiatives. DB Classifieds will often
include material for which organisations have paid for placement. We are initi-
ating this process in order to develop some revenue streams that support the
sustainability of The Communication Initiative. This complements and enhances
the generous strategic and financial input by The Partner organisations.

Information communicated in The Drum Beat and featured on the Communication
Initiative web site, will remain, as has always been the case, the editorial
judgment of Communication Initiative personnel. In adopting this process we 
mirroring the approach of the newspapers which have long had independent edito-
rial coverage and paid for classified advertisements.

This is an initial issue of DB Classified. None of the material included below
has been paid for.

Please scroll down for a more detailed explanation below.



  1. Environmental News Writing Course (July 16-27 2001)

African journalists can enhance their understanding and reporting of environ-
mental issues at this workshop offered by the Reuters Foundation.

2. Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop (Sept 3-8 2001)

Involves a different approach to project monitoring and evaluation by involv-
ing local people, project stakeholders, and development agencies deciding to-

3. Asian Women's Electronic Networking Training Workshop (July 2-8 2001)

Aims to build the capacities of women and their organisations to utilise new
information and communication technologies in social and policy advocacy.

4. 2nd Welcome Trust Workshop on HIV/AIDS & TB (Nov 27 - Dec 5 2001)

HIV/AIDS and TB present an enormous challenge to the public health of sub-
Saharan Africa. This workshop aims to highlight the research issues around
these diseases.

5. Intervention Mapping: Designing Theory & Evidence-based Health Education
Programmes (July 2-6 2001)

Intervention Mapping is a new process for the creation of health education pro-

6.Broadcast Drama for Education (Radio & Television) - 12 week course (Sept 24
- Dec 14 2001)

The theme is Children and Development. It builds on drama's proven success in
captivating audiences, particularly children and young people, and in 
and educating them...

See over 100 other training events listed at with a page of information on each event


7. Communicating for Development: Human Change for Survival

Describes the various change and development problems and how communication
could help solve them. Overview of how communication for development came into
being. A series of case studies - analyzes the common factors of success in 
case studies

  8. Health Communication: Lessons from Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Distills what the Johns Hopkins Population Communication Services and its
partners have learned about the design, implementation, and evaluation of ef-
fective health communication campaigns.

  9. A Manual for Culturally Adapted Social Marketing (CASM)

Successful application of culturally adapted social marketing in different
parts of the world.

10. ENTERTAINMENT-EDUCATION: A Communication Strategy for Social Change

Focused on the history and development of entertainment-education, explores 
process of designing and implementing a media message to both entertain and

11. Managing for Change: Leadership, Strategy & Management in Asian NGOs

Key operational issues facing NGO managers, drawing lessons from the 
reality of
Southern NGOs.

12. News in the Global Sphere

A study of CNN and its impact on Global Communications

Visit - - for introductory information
on over 200 books and other materials. Do a key word search of the Materials
section of the web site to identify materials that meet your interests.


  13. Agnes Nabaloga - Uganda/France - [areas of expertise include] "media to
promote gender issues in development".

  14. Jennifer Catino - Mexico - [areas of expertise include] "empowerment of
women as health care consumers"

  15. Joseph Scaria, Jr. - India - [areas of expertise include] "Use of 
for social sector empowerment and research".

  16. John Davies - USA/Pakistan - [areas of expertise include] 
social marketing and training for health, family planning and nutrition".

  17. FranØois Querre - France/le Sahel - [areas of expertise include] "il 
sp,cialis, dans les causes difficiles. Vingt ans d'exp,rimentation dans le Sa-
hel ouest-africain, l'ont conduit . re-dynamiser la radiodiffusion..."

  You will find details on 250 plus consultants at Do a key word search of the Consultants
section of the web site to identify people with the qualities you need.


  18. [Please pass to your web designer.] One of the major problems with a web
site is ensuring that people looking for the information contained on your 
can find it easily and quickly. This requires good registration with search en-
gines. Completing initial registration is easy. But over time the content on
your web site changes. The criteria and preferences of search engines also
change. Very quickly the codes and tags you have registered do not reflect 
the content of your site and the criteria and preferences of search engines.
This makes it much harder for people to find the information on your site -
even when you have the exact information for which they are searching. Conse-
quently use of your site is lower than it's potential.
Metamend has addressed this problem and developed an automated and dynamic web
site registration process that:
[a] continually assesses your web site and derives the appropriate
tags that are required by search engines:
[b] assesses search engine criteria noting changes in requirements; and
[c] automatically and continuously registers your web site with the search
engines using codes and tags that reflect the present nature of the site
and search engine criteria. So, you remain up to-date and relevant. And it
is all automated! For more information view


19. There are details on 6 new posts in the Vacancies section of the web site.
Go to

  20. To have your vacant posts included in the next Vacancies - please 
Carey Hooge



In terms of reach, The Drum Beat network presently includes 12,000 people en-
gaged in development across the range of activities from local action in very
poor communities to international development organisation headquarters.

In April 2001 the C.I. web site was accessed by 38,743
individual visitors, from 16,360 unique hosts, in 123 countries, viewing
260,327 pages on the site.

In developing DB Classifieds our principles are:

[a] Only to communicate information relevant and helpful to people and organi-
sations involved in international development.

[b] To seek to charge only when organisations: have a tradition of paying for
that product/service - e.g. advertising a vacant post, marketing a new book,
promoting consultancy services, seeking paying attendees at income generating
training events; and/or, will receive income from their product/service - e.g.
from book, video, training manual sales, consultancy fees, training courses.

[c] To use our discretion to include material, valuable to the international
development field, but where payment is beyond the financial capacity of the
organisation involved.

The major categories in DB Classifieds will be: Communicated on the 3rd Wednes-
day of each month

Vacancies Communicated on the 1st
Wednesday of each month

Training -

Books and other Materials - both promotion of books and the ability to 
books directly though The C.I. web site


Please note that this is an example issue only. With the exception of some job
vacancies, none of the material included above has been paid for.

To post your information in these areas please contact:

Warren Feek

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `<>'.
Mail administrative requests to `<>'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `<>'.

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