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AFRO-NETS> Bram Fischer Visiting Professorship in Human Rights

Bram Fischer Visiting Professorship in Human Rights

Opportunity: Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer

The Bram Fischer Visiting Professorship represents a major new endow-
ment in the School of Law, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. 
Named for a leading human rights advocate, the Visiting Professorship 
is intended to advance a tradition of advocacy and scholarship in hu-
man rights that will ensure South Africa's vibrant constitutional de-
mocracy and influence students to regard human rights as an integral 
part of their practice of law. Internationally distinguished academ-
ics and practitioners will be appointed as Visiting Professors for a 
limited period of time. The Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer will 
be a full time position on the same endowment. Apart from teaching, 
research and other duties the incumbent will help organize programmes 
for the Visiting Professor. He/she will, in addition, have the duties 
set out below. 

Qualifications: A legal academic of stature and experience with a 
solid record of teaching, research and/or practice in the field of 
human rights; the ability to have an impact on the future development 
of human rights law; demonstrated commitment to advancing the cause 
of human rights, whether generally or in a specific field. 

Duties: administration and development of new courses and curricula 
in Human Rights Law; an interest and involvement in the broader con-
cerns of the Law School and the University. Attractive package and 
salary negotiable; annual bonus, generous leave, retirement fund, 
medical aid, car scheme, relocation allowance, 100% financial assis-
tance towards dependents studies at Wits. 

Professor Skeen
Head, School of Law
Tel: +27-11-717-8411

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