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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Case studies of HIV/AIDS advocacy

RFI: Case studies of HIV/AIDS advocacy

I am trying to gather case studies of successful advocacy linked to 
HIV/AIDS, for a publication by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Our working definition of advocacy is 'working to change the atti-
tudes, policies and practices of individuals, groups and institutions 
in positions of influence'.

We are looking for examples of advocacy by community groups, NGOs and 
coalitions at all levels: 
- local
- national
- international
from all parts of the world, and all kinds of political climates.

We are interested in a range of advocacy methods, from a visit to the 
village headman to an audience with the president, and everything in 
between. Also methods such as processions, marches, demonstrations, 
sit-ins etc, drama, music, video, poetry etc.

Here are some questions:
1. What was the problem?
2. Who decided to advocate against the problem (i.e. brief details of
   the NGOs/community groups involved)?
3. Who did you advocate to?
4. What methods did you use?
5. What difficulties did you face?
6. How did you overcome any difficulties?
7. What were the results of your advocacy?
8. What sources of assistance/support did you find most helpful?
9. Did you use the ICASO (International Council of AIDS Service Or-
   ganisations) guidelines on advocacy?
10.What advice would you give to others wanting to do advocacy?

We are also interested to hear what it feels like to be advocated to. 
To anyone who has been lobbied, what was it that persuaded you - or 
failed to persuade you, if the advocacy was unsuccessful?

Finally, do you know of any proverbs or fables that illuminate advo-

Thanks for your time. Unfortunately I cannot promise that your re-
sponses will be published in the final 'toolkit', but those that are 
used will be fully acknowledged.

Andrew Hobbs
Preston, UK

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