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AFRO-NETS> Call for Letters of Intent - MIM in Africa

Call for Letters of Intent - MIM in Africa

Multilateral Initiative on Malaria in Africa (MIM) 
MIM/TDR Task Force on Malaria Research Capability Strengthening in 


MIM/TDR is a multi-partner programme promoting research capability 
strengthening activities in the context of the Multilateral Initia-
tive for Malaria in Africa:

The goal is to promote human and institutional resource development 
by supporting innovative collaborative research projects and networks 
in malaria endemic countries focused on strategic research areas. 
Projects supported to date have addressed critical issues related to 
chemotherapy, pathogenesis, vector control and epidemiology of ma-
laria transmission and morbidity in Africa. The Task Force is initi-
ating a new cycle of partnership projects expanding the scope of pri-
orities to include the development of new interventions, strategies 
and policies, and the evaluation of large-scale interventions in sup-
port of malaria control.

Strategic Priorities 

* Socio-economic and behavioural research associated with malaria
  health care 
* Epidemiology of transmission, immune response, morbidity and mor-
* Evaluation of community-based large scale preventive and therapeu-
  tic interventions 
* Health policy, systems and services research * Pathogenesis of se-
  vere malaria 
* Vector population, vectorial capacity and insecticide resistance 
* Drug resistance, chemotherapy, chemoprophylaxis and drug policy

Letters of Intent 

The Task Force will review letters of intent from mid-career African 
investigators taking into account the potential scientific contribu-
tion of the proposed project, relevance to reducing disease burden, 
technical and operational feasibility, as well as team and capacity 
building perspectives. Multi-institutional projects involving part-
nerships with research groups in developing countries (including Af-
rica, South America and Asia) and developed countries are strongly 
recommended. A limited number of letters will be selected for devel-
opment into full proposals to be submitted to the Task Force. Letters 
of intent should be no longer than 2-3 pages and be submitted to-
gether with one page summary of CVs of the Principal Investigators 
from each participating institution.

The following content is suggested 
* Description and research experience of the institution(s)/research 
* Rationale for the study including preliminary work/results/ publi-
* Scientific and capacity building objectives and potential contribu-
  tion of the project to malaria control 
* Outline of the study design, methods to be used and work timetable 
* Research teams / institutions involved - with individual responsi-
  bility of each research partner identified 
* Detailed budget breakdown by collaborating institution (total pro-
  ject budget US$100K/year max.) 
* Additional sources of support for the project, either matching 
  funds or in kind support

Letters of Intent to be submitted to <> 
Deadline 15 July 2001.

Selection will be announced by 15 September. Deadline for submission 
of full proposals: 15 November 2001.

Additional information: 

UNDP/World Bank/WHO 
Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases
1211 Geneva
Fax +41-22-791-4854

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `<>'.
Mail administrative requests to `<>'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `<>'.

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