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AFRO-NETS> Botswana Anti-AIDS efforts (3)

Botswana Anti-AIDS efforts (3)

The underlying question raised by the trial organised by the Harvard 
AIDS Institute in Botswana, are worthwhile to run a small poll on the 
role to be played by research facilities based in developing coun-

Can Western countries at this stage of worldwide development collect 
blood or human samples in developing countries and then perform re-
search & medicine developments in Western laboratories? The Pretoria 
case highlighted all the difficulties that arise from a misbalance of 
research funds between the North and the South.

May be it is too early to actively involve all developing countries 
into HIV/AIDS research, or may be not. Let us find out the opinion 
using an Internet poll. I have set-up a small php3 script for that 
purpose. Thank you for taking the time to answer it (you can cast 
your vote anonymously) at:

Christian Labadie, M.S.

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