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The Drum Beat - 94 - Awards

A number of Awards are listed below. Others can be found at:

Access the web pages for more details on each Award including the 
prizes, criteria and deadlines [some are close!]. Most Awards are re-
peated annually. Please notify us of Awards that we can list on the 
site. Contact Janice Innes <>

1. APC Africa Hafkin Communications Prize

Open to civil society organisations, government institutions, educa-
tional organisations, community-based groups, networks, social move-
ments or individuals anywhere in Africa that have successfully initi-
ated and implemented projects that involve the use of ICTs for 
development and social justice. This year's theme is **Women-Led, 
Women-Informed, Women-Inspired Initiatives**.
Contact: Karen Higgs <>

2. Rosa Cisneros Memorial Information Award

To an individual or media organization that has made significant con-
tributions to raising public awareness of sexual and reproductive 
health issues.
Contact: <>

3. Asia-Pacific Awards for Excellence in Environmental Journalism & 
   Photo Journalism

Recognizes the efforts of journalists and photographers working on 
environmental issues and to encourage environmental journalism across 
the region.
Contact: Dharman Wickremaratne <>

4. International Green Pen Award

Presented each year for environmental journalists who have made a 
significant contribution in promoting environmental journalism.
Contact: Dharman Wickremaratne <>



2000: Fifty-seven thousand people worth more than USD thirty million
2000: 1 billion one hundred and ninety eight thousand people live on
      less than one US dollar per day  [scroll down]
see other stats in Baseline <>


5. Commonwealth Photographic Awards

An open competition (for all Commonwealth residents) for colour or 
black and white photographs on the theme of "Environment". Most of 
the winning photographs will be featured in a television programme 
based on the Awards and made available for broadcast in over 40 coun-
tries around the Commonwealth.
Send entry to: 
Photo Awards, CBA 
17 Fleet Street
London EC4Y 1AA, UK

6. CHPSS Media Award in Health 2001

To promote Health Communication for Social and Behaviour Change in 
Contact: Administrative Secretary <>

7. International Women's Media Foundation's Courage in Journalism

Honors women journalists for demonstrating extraordinary strength of 
character in pursuing their craft under difficult or dangerous cir-
Contact: Amy Johnson <>


Counting people physically challenged ...ABOUT TIME  [scroll down]
and see <> for other About 
Time stories/links


8. Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Award

Annual prize of US$ 1 million to individuals or organizations devel-
oping and effectively implementing pattern-breaking approaches that, 
by transforming traditional thinking and practice, have significantly 
improved people's lives. 
Contact: Pamela Hartigan <>

9. Arab Gulf Programme International Prize for Pioneering Development

For Pioneering Development Projects: Application of information tech-
nology in the fields of education and health; Provision of micro-
credits through non-governmental organizations; Reinforcement of vol-
untary work in the community.
Contact: <>

10. Prize for Women's Creativity in Rural Life

Honours women and women's groups exhibiting exceptional creativity, 
courage and commitment in improving the quality of life in rural 
Contact: Maria Penaloza <>

11. Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health & Human Rights

Nominate an "unsung hero" - an individual or organization - that is 
out in the field as a leading practitioner in health and human rights
Contact: <>

12. Michener Awards

For meritorious Canadian public service journalism. The award is open 
to daily and weekly newspapers, news agencies, radio and television 
stations and networks and periodicals.
Contact: <>


Looking to recruit for a staff post in your organisation?
Contact Carey Hooge <>


13. Caribbean Media Awards for Population & Development Reporting

Seeks to recognize excellence in Caribbean population and development 
reporting. For Caribbean Media - radio, television and press - can 
play an important role in national and regional development.

14. ICT Stories Project 2001 Competition

All stories must be written about an active or completed project in-
volving information and communication technologies as applied to so-
cial and economic development. 
Contact: Lisette Gast <>

15. Transparency International Integrity Awards

Recognises outstanding efforts in the fight against bribery, corrup-
tion, kickbacks and extortion. 
Contact: <>

16. United Nations Correspondents Association Ranan Lurie Political
    Cartoon Award

For work done in the prior twelve months, reflecting the importance 
of human dignity, mutual respect and friendship among nations, as 
well as economic and environmental responsibilities towards each 
The United Nations Correspondents Association
Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award
375 Park Avenue, Suite 1301
New York, NY 10152, USA


17. Rolls Royce Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting

There are 4 Awards: 

a. Cost-effective Engineering Award - show how a particular project 
   has saved money and increased effectiveness.

b. Effectiveness in Training Award - for advancing the interests of 
   their organisation through training which was innovative, value for 
   money, and capable of demonstrating its effectiveness.

c. Innovation in Management Award - for advancing broadcasting man-
   agement by the introduction of an innovative system, the effective-
   ness of which is measurable.

d. Elizabeth R Award for an Exceptional Contribution to Public Ser-
   vice Broadcasting

Contact: Elizabeth Smith <>


Please send us information about Awards we have not yet listed on the 
site. Contact Janice Innes <>


The Drum Beat seeks to cover the full range of communication for de-
velopment activities. Inclusion of an item does not imply endorsement 
or support by The Partners.

Send items for The Drum Beat to 
The Editor - Deborah Heimann

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