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AFRO-NETS> 4th International Workshop on Kangaroo Mother Care (2)

4th International Workshop on Kangaroo Mother Care (2)

Excuse my ignorance, what is Kangaroo Mother Care?

Dr. Delanyo Dovlo
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[From the Moderator:

"Kangaroo mother care (KMC) is defined as early, prolonged and con-
tinuous (as allowed by circumstances) skin-to-skin contact between a 
mother and her newborn low birth weight infant (LBWI), both in hospi-
tal and after early (depending on circumstances) discharge, until at 
least the 40th week of post-natal gestational age, with ideally ex-
clusive breastfeeding and proper follow-up."

The above citation is from the publication "Recommendations for the 
implementation of kangaroo mother care for low birth weight infants"

by A Cattaneo, R Davanzo, F Uxa, G Tamburlini for the International 
Network on Kangaroo Mother Care 
Bureau for International Health 
Istituto per l'Infanzia, Trieste, Italy 

Acta Paediatr 1998; 87:440-5

I you have internet connection you can read the full text article at:

If you need more information use the Google search engine 
<> and enter Kangaroo Mother Care

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001 James H. Irlam <> announced the
availability of a new video about KMC on AFRO-NETS, see:

DN Mod.]

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