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Application/Gender Advisory Panel

Dear Partner in Reproductive Health,

As you may know, the Department of Reproductive Health and Research 
at the World Health Organization has a Gender Advisory Panel (GAP) 
which meets annually for four days to review the Department's work 
with respect to gender equality and human rights issues. GAP has a 
rotating membership of 12 people of whom at least eight must be 
women, from different disciplines and geographical regions, covering 
the wide range of expertise in research, ethics and law, policy-
making and service provision in reproductive and sexual health. Cur-
rent members come from Chile, China, Columbia, Egypt, India, Kenya, 
Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Poland, South Africa, United Kingdom and 
the United States.

We are now seeking suggestions from a wide range of our partners and 
others in the field for people who could replace some of the current 
members who will be rotating off the Panel at the end of this year or 
next. Specifically we are looking for appropriate people from Africa, 
Europe and Central Asia. Potential Panel members must show a demon-
strated concern for gender issues. They must also have work experi-
ence in or with developing countries, as well as professional invest-
ment in sexual and reproductive health and/or rights issues. Members 
serve for a three-year term and may be extended for a further period 
of three years.

If you have suggestions for potential GAP members, I would be grate-
ful if you could send me contact details and a curriculum vitae if 
possible, including why you think the person would be appropriate, by 
16 June 2001. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Cottingham, Technical Officer for
Reproductive Rights and Gender Issues
Department of Reproductive Health and Research
World Health Organization

Please respond by e-mail to
Mrs. Pellicer
Fax +41-22-791-4171

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