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AFRO-NETS> Wanted: Key Correspondents for the Nigeria-AIDS forum

Wanted: Key Correspondents for the Nigeria-AIDS forum

Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria, in cooperation with the
National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA) and with the support of The
POLICY Project Nigeria, will commence soon on the Nigeria-AIDS email
forum, a six-month long open discussion of key HIV-related issues among
HIV/AIDS activists as well as governmental, multilateral, NGOs and com-
munity-based organisations in the country.

This activity aims at enhancing intra-country exchange of information
and experience between HIV/AIDS organisations in the country, sharing
of best practices and success stories as well as promoting the partici-
pation of grassroots groups, rural networks and community organisations
in the HIV/AIDS control process in the country. All the discussions
will be carried out on the Nigeria-AIDS forum and will also be archived on the
new Nigeria-AIDS website which will be ready by the end of May 2001.

As part of this project, Key Correspondents (KCs) will be appointed in
each of the six geopolitical zones in the country (South-West, South-
East, South-South, North-West, North-East and North-Central) to report
HIV-related events in their respective localities carry out research,
and mobilise greater participation of all relevant stakeholders in the
forum discussions.

For the duration of this phase of the project, each KC will be
required to:

  a. Research and submit one discussion piece every two weeks presenting
reportage of local HIV-related events or other news in their respective
coverage geopolitical zone during the period

b. Research and submit at least one posting per discussion topic in-
cluding indications of consultation with NGOs / community groups in their
area of coverage

c. Provide coverage for all key conferences, workshops and HIV-related
meetings in their zones

d. Collate and submit all HIV-related published research materials, re-
sources, abstracts and other documentation in their area for inclusion
in JAAIDS' Media Resource Centre on HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health
situated in Lagos

e. Assist in promoting the forum, conducting evaluation surveys, gener-
ating feedback from members and representing the forum in HIV-related
activities in their areas of coverage Themes for the open discussion
will be arrived at in consultation with the National Action Committee
on AIDS (NACA). In addition, Nigeria-AIDS forum members will be invited
to suggest issues that may be discussed during the 'online conference'.

It is anticipated that such themes may include:

- Community experiences in fighting AIDS stigmatisation and discrimina-
- Providing care and support for people with AIDS in resource-poor com-
- Strengths and weaknesses of current donor responses.
- Barriers and challenges to information-sharing and networking among
- Involvement of the Nigerian diaspora in the fight against AIDS.
- Mobilising community participation in the national HIV/AIDS Emergency
   Action Plan (HEAP).

At the end of each thematic discussion period, key issues discussed and
points highlighted will be compiled in report format and disseminated
widely among stakeholders, including NACA.

Required profile for Key Correspondents:

- Personal integrity and strong independence from vested interests such
as pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, donor organisations
- Strong network of HIV/AIDS contacts especially within the geo-
political zone in Nigeria in which the KC will be based.
- Fluency in English and at least one local language commonly spoken
in the geopolitical zone.
- Ability to write interesting articles and to summarise postings/articles
experiences gathered from the field.
- Ability to work with the email/internet
- Direct and easy access to a personal computer and email
- Ability to work independently, with the barest supervision

Persons with a background in journalism stand at an advantage. However,
in order to encourage development of communication capacities and the
inclusion of the perspectives of those most affected by the epidemic,
up to two slots have been reserved for persons living with HIV/AIDS and
grassroots HIV/AIDS activists.

The selected persons will be offered a six-month contract and will be
paid a communications and travel subsidy in addition to a monthly remu-

Interested persons are to submit a CV (max. 3 pages), names and full
addresses of two referees, a short writing sample (or in the alterna-
tive, a 300-word write-up on "The challenges of living with HIV/AIDS in
Nigeria) and a handwritten application to:

Nigeria-AIDS Key Correspondents Selection
Media Resource Centre on HIV/AIDS
1st Floor,
42 Ijaye Road,

Applications must be received by June 1,2001. Please indicate in your
application letter which geopolitical zone you will be covering. Only
short listed candidates will be contacted.

Omololu Falobi

Nigeria-AIDS Moderator

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